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Survivor's Jeff Varner Sounds Off on the Other Contestants: 'I Want to Vote Them All Out'

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On every season of Survivor, one contestant manages to steal the show.

This season, it’s Jeff Varner, the 49-year-old from North Carolina who’s snarky, funny and extremely quotable – although he sometimes says things that make everyone’s jaw drop.

In the first two episodes of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, Varner has been playing hard, all the while telling other contestants that the game is moving too fast and he’s just trying to keep up. (You’re not fooling us, Jeff. Sorry. You know exactly what you’re doing.)

In an exclusive deleted scene from this week’s episode, Varner talks strategy – and then shares how he feels about the other contestants.

“I don’t care to get to know any of these people,” he says. “I want to vote them all out.”

Host Jeff Probst, for one, is thrilled that Varner is on this season. “Jeff is ruthless,” Probst told PEOPLE last month. “He’s snarky, funny, and he’s very very smart.”

Jeff Varner of Survivor
Monty Brinton/CBS
“He’s a fantastic narrator,” continues Probst, 53. “He’s one of those guys who adds a lot to the season. We had tried to get him on so many times, but the timing wasn’t right. It worked out this time, and he has totally delivered.”

Although Varner can’t speak with the media as long as he’s in the game, he made his intentions crystal clear while talking to PEOPLE the day before filming began. “I am going to have so much fun,” he said. “I am going to lie, and not just little lies. Big lies. I’m going to spread rumors. I’m going to start fights between other contestants. I’m going to have a lot of fun out there.”

(And for the record, Varner is very popular with his fellow contestants, judging by their interactions on social media.)

It has been 14 years since Varner competed on Survivor: Australia, but he seems to be as irreverent and snarky as he was in 2001. “Jeff likes to stir the pot,” says Australia winner Tina Wesson. “He stirs up the drama, which makes him great television.”

Probst tells PEOPLE that Varner, among others, felt a debt to viewers who voted him back onto the show. “He feels a responsibility to make the season great,” the host says, “and I think he succeeds.”

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Survivor: Second Chance airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.