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May 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Ah, Benjamin Wade! Better known as Coach to the rest of us, and definitely better known as the Dragon Slayer to himself. But whatever he’s called, he certainly predicted his fate with the poem he wrote for, and read to, his captive tribal council audience: “With friend and foe, we march to the battle plain, some to seek success, others to seek fame. We play with honor for the love of this game, and with armor or without, we will toil in vain, so that someday, someone, somewhere will remember our name.” And with that, Coach became the 5th member of the jury and the 12 person to leave Survivor: Tocantins.

The Ballad of Coach Part I: After returning to Forza from the ouster of Debbie, JT spun the situation, which took out Coach’s longest-held ally, by explaining, “We thought if we told you about it beforehand, you wouldn’t believe us.” Coach then said it would have been easy to vote him out “because I know I’m a dangerous player in this game,” but defended JT’s action to himself by saying, “The game is still being played with truth.” The next day, Coach complained about his asthma as a ploy to prevent Stephen or JT from sending him to Exile. “Coach has mentioned ailments, a back problem, asthma, but it never really seems to affect his performance,” Stephen said. “I’m not sure Coach can really build a fire or cook food by himself … I think he’s scared.”

The Noble Warrior: After a nifty aerial shot of a maze that spelled out “Survivor,” the reward challenge was easily won by JT, who preyed upon Coach’s fears by sending him to Exile. Coach said he would take “the monastic approach” but Erinn shot back, “He’s going to take the martyr approach, so when he comes back, he can not have eaten, not have slept, not have had any water … and have an excuse when he doesn’t win immunity.” Coach replied: “Pretty harsh,” but concluded, “Hit me with your best shot, Pat Benatar.”

Warrior Alliance Interlude: On reward, JT and Stephen took a private plane to a resort where they first marveled at the bathroom mirror, something they hadn’t seen in 34 days. “I have a beard. All right!” Stephen exclaimed. Then they pigged out at what Stephen dubbed “a meat festival.” Meanwhile, on Exile, a lone Coach either stood at the top of a dune with outstretched arms or lied down in the sand. But a frail Coach returned on Day 36 and was faced with an endurance challenge for immunity. Taj remarked, “This guy is such a drama queen.” After going toe-to-toe with JT for an hour perched on tiny footholds between two walls, Coach screamed and fell off in apparent pain. But when Jeff asked if he needed a medic, Coach brushed off any aid.

The Ballad of Coach Part II: Coach seemed to think JT and Stephen had his back even as Coach and Erinn squared off once more about who had the hardest time at Exile when pitted against each other at tribal council. But after Coach read his poem to a room of heads sunk into hands and rolling eyes, the votes were read and Coach realized he had been cast out. As Erinn said at the voting lectern, “Dragon slain.” — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Erinn have been voted out instead of Coach? Will the rest of Forza wise up to JT’s strength and finally cast him out if they get the chance?CBS

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