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Survivor: Tocantins Recap: Candace Blindsided!

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Monty Brinton/CBS

So much for first impressions! After “older lady” Sandy was spared the vote during Jalapao’s tribal council, “zebra-top” Sierra received her reprieve when Timbira took its first trip to the torch snuffin’ hut. But another aspect of fate also remained the same — she who speaks too much will leave way early. And so Dayton, Ohio, attorney Candace Smith, 31, found herself the second contestant bounced from Survivor.

Day 4 Revelations: Hungry for protein, the members of Jalapao managed to make a meal out of a termite hill. While picking at bugs, Joe and Spencer found a particularly large and juicy worm and proceeded to partake in front of a slightly queasy tribe. Later, Taj revealed the identity of her husband. “You’re married to Eddie George, the Ohio State Buckeye, Heisman trophy winner?” Joe spouted reverently. “That’s your husband? Are you serious?” While the jocks marveled, others wondered if Taj really needed the $1 million as much as they did. Over on Timbira, Sierra confided in Brendan about the possible hidden immunity idol and while they dug for it in the sand, told Debra, who happened upon them, that they were building a massive bonfire pit on the beach. Although their cover was kept, the tension between Candace and Coach could not be hidden and their quibbling gave their tribe much to ponder. Aquatic Basketball Wrestling: In the immunity challenge, conducted under pouring rain, teams of three had to score baskets while facing three tackling defenders. After an even battle, Jalapao won their first immunity on the strength of JT’s last shot. In addition to immunity and fishing gear, Jalapao chose Brendan to go to Exile Island. But in a twist, Jeff Probst said that Brendan had to choose someone on the winning team to go with him. Brendan picked Taj.

Tribal Lands: Jalapao celebrated their first victory by learning to fish from cattle rancher JT. Remarked New York attorney Stephen, “He just might be seducing me with his pretty country ways and I’m smitten!” On Exile Island, Brendan allowed Taj to choose between two urns and he ended up with the one with a clue to the hidden idol and a note indicating he could switch and join the other tribe. Brendan didn’t switch, but ended up sharing the clue with Taj. A good idea since Taj deciphered it and told Brendan the clue led them back to their own tribes. Both learned there were hidden immunity idols to found at home and both formed an alliance of sorts in regard to the shared knowledge.

Blindside Alley: When Brendan returned to Timbira, he didn’t exactly tell them the truth about what happened on Exile but all seemed to take him at his word. But he faced a preoccupied tribe with one faction thinking they were voting off Sierra and two other groups pitting Candace against Coach. In the end, it was brash Candace who got blindsided by the vote, but not before we got to see one of the best approaches to the voting lectern ever, when Coach, all dark shirt, dark jeans and ponytailed hair, sauntered to the polls with his jacket slung over his shoulder like a Rhinestone Cowboy! –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Timbira have voted off Coach or Sierra instead?

Monty Brinton/CBS