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Stephen Fishbach
May 10, 2012 12:00 PM

“If you can figure out what buttons to push on what people, then you’re gonna have the advantage.”
– Boston Rob, Survivor: Marquesas

Is the King of the Jungle actually … a Queen? Last night on Survivor, Tarzan was bum-puzzled by the bewitching baby blues of a beauty. He wasn’t the first man – though for this season, he was the last.

There was a lot of chatter last night about Kim’s peepers. Tarzan called them “angelic eyes.” Sabrina called them the “baby blues.” Everyone agrees they have mysterious powers. The baby blues see into your soul. They hypnotize you.

They cost Tarzan his jungle – and Alicia a million dollars.

Reward Repercussions
This episode – like every episode of One World – hinged on who got to the reward. I previously wrote about how important reward challenges are on Survivor. But man, these women are hungry.

The episode starts with Chelsea telling Christina that she thinks Christina deserves to go on the next reward. That’s a sure sign that (1) Chelsea is going to win the reward challenge and (2) she ain’t picking Cha-Cha. Chelsea also strategizes with Christina and speculates about joining forces.

Bad move! Christina runs back to camp and repeats everything. This is exactly why there aren’t more tribal shakeups on Survivor. If you plot with someone outside your alliance, that person could use your words against you.

When Chelsea does win reward (surprise!), she informs everyone she’s learned from Kat’s lesson by … making the exact same mistake. Literally, exactly! She takes the people in her alliance who she’s friends with and leaves everybody else behind. Worse, she gives a smug speech about how fair she’s playing. At least Kat just wanted to get crunk.

“It’s almost a blessing in disguise,” says Tarzan. “Because it will help unite another plot that might allow me to stay here possibly to the last three. So – hahaha.” When did Tarzan get strategic? Maybe his plot to look like a lunatic was actually savvy gameplay. Tarzan learned Phillip Shepherd’s lesson – a good goat is hard to find.

But Chelsea’s seemingly inept choice of Kim actually worked in her favor. At the episode’s start, Kim debated cutting Chelsea loose to go up against goats Alicia and Christina. But the romantic reward softens her heart. “I started to remember who I was and what I’m about and what I’m doing here,” Kim says.

You can see Kim reach her difficult decision on the yacht. Chelsea is making bedroom eyes – she’s almost flirting – when she tells Kim, “I love you.” Kim pauses. Then, in a strained and measured voice, she reciprocates. “I love you, too.” She’s just come to a difficult decision. She’s too close to Chelsea to let her go.

Alicia’s Mistake
Chelsea’s also lucky that Alicia is so dumb. Back at camp, an embittered Alicia, Tarzan and Christina vow to vote Chelsea out. They think they can pull in Kim, too. Alicia has a clear path to the finals, and the two perfect goats.

But when Kim returns to camp, she unleashes the baby blues, and Alicia melts. Kim realizes that Alicia’s weakness is her ego. So she flatters Alicia and also threatens her with the possibility that Tarzan will make her look stupid. She works Alicia up into a frenzy against her most loyal ally.

Why does Alicia trust Kim over Tarzan? For the past 35 days, she’s watched Kim blindside Jay, Troyzan and Kat. Meanwhile, she’s watched Tarzan soil his underpants. Who’s the bigger threat?

Kim wins the Fishy for the way she perfectly plays the special educator. And poor Tarzan – he leaves us with one of the greatest exit interviews ever.

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