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December 05, 2008 12:00 AM

The family episode is a heartwarming staple of any Survivor season. But thanks to a marriage proposal and a makeshift funeral, the ante has been raised for future contests. Unfortunately, amidst all the mush, someone still had to go home. That someone, not surprisingly, was Corinne Kaplan, a 29… year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Los Angeles. What was surprising (and most entertaining) was the Hail Mary play she concocted with Bob. — Carrie Bell

Night 30 Sugar came back from tribal council gloating about the ousting of Randy (“The best tribal so far for sure,” she said), which irritated Bob despite the fact that he played a large role in the humiliation by creating the fake idol. “To belittle him as he was going out, to stick it in his face, just pisses me off,” Bob grumbled. Sugar then picked a fight with Corinne about the etiquette of talking behind ’s backs. Corinne was very aware that her days were numbered and amped up her negative spewing, saying, “I am now in a camp of mutants, none of whom I like, and it is difficult to pretend to be nice to them.”

The next day Bob and Kenny caught a giant fish and Kenny seemed to take all of the credit as his head continues to grow. “Bob has taught me a lot out here,” he said. “But as far as playing the game, he’s not very good at it. I don’t mind getting rid of Bob.”

Reward Challenge First, teams of three were tied together, forced to trudge across the swamp to retrieve sprockets and place them on a board in a way that allowed them to work together and raise a flag. The first team to fly their flag would then compete as individuals in a second round to complete a puzzle. As part of the prize, Jeff Probst presented them with a Samsung Instinct filled with videos from loved ones back home. As the challenge “was all about love,” Jeff said no one would be sent to Exile.

Captain Crystal chose Bob and Sugar as her teammates. Captain Susie picked Matty and Kenny. Corinne was the odd man out and had no shot at the prize of pizza, beer, brownies and the video notes. Despite being the first back to the mat with the pieces, Susie’s team was no match for Bob. He faced off against Crystal and Sugar in the second round and won handily.

Family Time Bob was whisked away to a lounge area near a gushing waterfall, where enjoyed a cold one and watched his video. In it, his wife Peggy said she wanted to show him something and walked off the screen only to walk into the jungle setting and catch Bob off guard. “He looks dirty but I can tell he’s very happy,” she said. He took her back to camp, introduced her around and the whistled to call in the fellow loved ones.

Olympian Crystal ran faster than she ever has to hug her hubby. Ken talked strategy with his sister, while Sugar and her sister said a prayer and spread some of her father’s ashes in the camp pond. Matty took his girlfriend down to the water’s edge and pulled out a homemade necklace and got down on his knees. “I love you so much,” he told her. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to share family with you and the future and the past. I want to share everything. I want to know right now. I want you to be my wife.”

Immunity Challenge The castaways played Gabon Trivial Pursuit with a twist. If they answered a question correctly, they earned a ball. They then took turns throwing the balls at a target. The person who landed a ball closest to the center won immunity. Sugar dominated the quiz portion, winning four balls. But Bob hit the target’s sweet spot.

With the necklace around his neck, Bob hatched another fake idol plan in an attempt to save Corinne, working his magic with the trinkets and beads he’d been collecting. Corinne created an elaborate story to explain fake idol, and then picked the perfect pawn to leak the story to. Kenny bit and immediately called, “Gamechanger. I think the best shot is to blindside Matty. I think I might have to jump alliances.” Corinne stroked his ego to further seal the deal. “You’re just as smart as we are,” she said. “We need your input.”

Bob and Corinne were sitting pretty but Kenny and Crystal came up with an alternate voting scheme that would oust Matty and flush out what they thought was the idol at the same time. Ken again bragged, “If this plan works out, I will be the biggest strategist in Survivor history.” But Crystal contemplated her move and mulled over writing down Matty’s name instead. “Corinne is not a threat to me in no way shape or form,” she reasoned. “This is my only chance to get Matty out.”

Tribal Council Jeff focused his inquiries on the issues of paranoia and trust and seemed to be bating the players. Kenny and Crystal said a little too much, which made Matty nervous. “The trick of the game is knowing when to trust and when to cut your ties,” Crystal theorized. In the end, she stuck to Ken’s plan and Corinne was out 4-3 and didn’t embarrass herself by playing the fake idol. Ken and Crystal looked scared that they may have made the wrong move in terms of next week. Matty looked relieved, Bob sad and Sugar smug. Susie, again, failed to make an impression. The jury exhaled as another former unbeatable player bit the dust.

Tell us: Could the scheme have actually worked? Did Kenny blow his shot at a million by writing Matty’s name down? Who deserves to win Survivor: Gabon?CBS

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