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December 15, 2007 12:00 AM

She held on much longer than Fei Long expected but on Day 37, Los Angeles jewelry designer and last-remaining Zhan Hu tribe member Peih-Gee Law, 29, missed the final four and exited Survivor: China in a 4-1 vote. PEOPLE spoke to Law about being thin but living large. –Cynthia Wang

You made a compelling argument to Denise to take her farther into the game. Are you surprised she, or Amanda, didn’t get Todd out instead?I’m about as confused on it as you are! After James’ departure, Erik and I went around selling our votes to anybody. Jean-Robert ended up taking us up on our offer but he just couldn’t convince anyone else to switch. Maybe if I told Denise to send Courtney home, she would have gone with it, but I still thought Todd was the biggest threat to sit next to if we made it to the finale three. It would have been surprising for you to have lost a contest about China trivia considering your heritage.At one point I thought might be cheating off of me, so I held on to my answers and only revealed them at the last possible minute. I couldn’t believe most didn’t get the red envelope question! James pointed out to Jeff that he thought it was unfair to have me compete in that challenge but Jeff told him that contests involving muscle appealed to his strengths and that it was only natural this challenge would happen to appeal to mine.

You won more individual immunities than James!Well James did extremely well re-merge and that was important because it helped his tribe come into the merge with numbers. After that, challenges weren’t geared toward his strategy, so I’m grateful for that.

Were you surprised he didn’t play one of his immunity idols when he had the chance?Erik was pretty sure James had both idols after Jaime’s departure… and I saw that he had hidden it in the roof. I went over to everyone asking, did you know James has the idols? But of course everyone was like, “hello? Where have you been!” It was a great scheme. I think the only reason Todd gave James the idol and told him where to look is Todd was probably afraid the one hidden at our camp may have been found, so it really worked to seal James’ loyalty to Todd.

How thin did you get out there? Were you worried about Courtney?I was lucky; I never got sick once when I was out there but I lost about 30 lbs. when I came off. I ended weighing 86 lbs.! When I came home, I wanted deep fried everything. But Courtney–she’s not anorexic. She’s just naturally skinny and actually we did a lot better out there than Erik and James who were used to eating a lot more and needing that energy.

Photo: CBS /Landov

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