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Steve Helling
September 19, 2016 07:20 PM

He’s the most recent heartthrob of Survivor. She was a finalist during the show’s iconic first season, when 51 million people watched the final episode.

Together, Joe Anglim and Kelly Wiglesworth have a combined 119 days competing on the long-running reality show – but they’re about to leave the scheming and the backstabbing behind.

Anglim and Wiglesworth have a new reality project called Mana, a travel show that takes them around the world. They share the first trailer exclusively with PEOPLE.

So what separates Mana from other travel shows? For one thing, they’ll be joined by Wiglesworth’s 3-year-old son, Rio, who is already a seasoned traveler. (A dual citizen of Mexico and the United States, Rio has been traveling since he was 5 months old. He understands English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.)

Kelly Wiglesworth

Additionally, they’ll seek out authentic local travel experiences away from the tourism industry. You’re more likely to see them sleeping in a remote hut than in a 5-star hotel.

Because both Wiglesworth and Anglim are heavily into yoga, viewers can expect some fusion of spirituality infused into the travel. (The show’s description says that they will experience “other cultures, customs, rituals and rites of passage in search of ways to improve and heal the mind, body and soul.”)

Not that everything will be easy. They’re hoping to travel to Poland to train with Wim Hof, a daredevil known as the “Iceman” due to his ability to endure sub-freezing temperatures.

Kelly Wiglesworth

So why did two contestants in a brutal reality show team up to create a spiritual, balanced program?

“The idea really stemmed from our first time meeting on Survivor,” Anglim tells PEOPLE. “We both talked about our love of nature travel and the ways in which we both like to challenge and push ourselves. We had a lot in common.”

“I think we both learned the importance of balance and awareness,” adds Wiglesworth. “We both love Survivor because it pushes our minds, bodies, and will. Survivor is a tough, brutal, and incredibly stressful environment, and we’re continuing to learn how to become more adaptable.”

Kelly Wiglesworth

So, the closeness between Anglim and Wiglesworth begs the question: What, exactly, is nature of their relationship?

For now, they’re not elaborating – but emphasize the undeniable chemistry that is evident both in person and onscreen. “Chemistry is a very important thing for any show,” says Anglim. “Luckily for us, we work incredibly well together and both share a creativity and passion for adventure travel and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.”

And is any location off the table? “We want to see everywhere eventually,” says Anglim.
“I guess we’ll have to see how two Survivors and a 3-year-old end up doing. Stay tuned!”

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