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People Staff
August 22, 2008 12:00 AM

After a summer of dancing their hearts out in front of judges JC Chavez, Lil’ Mama and Shane Sparks, host Mario Lopez and executive producer Randy Jackson, the two teams in the finale of season 2 of America’s Best Dance CrewSoReal Cru and Super Cr3w — faced their toughest challenge yet: impressing the American public in a live dance-off.

There was no clear favorite it going into the finale, but it also was not a huge surprise when Lopez announced that 39 million viewers had voted — and that Super Cr3w was the winner.

“I don’t know if words can describe what we felt. It was sheer joy,” Super Cr3w’s Mike Carrasco, 25, told PEOPLE after the win. “When they said our name, it was what we were waiting to hear because we just deserved it. I had told the guys, ‘Nobody’s going to take this away from us because this is our time. Nobody’s going to stop us because we worked so incredibly hard to be here.’ It was just joy and relief.”

Executive producer Jackson was pleased with the result. “Season 2 was won by some very fly ,” he said. “These boys brought out all the dance moves, all the steps. I just love them.”

Chasez agreed. “Super Cr3w just did what America wanted to see,” he said. “They had exciting performances every week … I don’t think they ever gave a bad performance. It was exciting to watch.”

Shortly after the start of the show, Lopez confirmed that a third season of the MTV show is in the works (auditions around the country start in October). Wannabe crews should look to season 2 winners, Super Cr3w, for an example of what it takes to win.

“They brought something different and something new,” Lopez pointed out. “They showed a lot of heart.” — Sara HammelEwan Burns/MTV

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