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October 26, 2009 12:00 AM

Attention So You Think You Can Dance fans! Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss will be blogging about the performance shows for this season of SYTYCD each week at A choreographer, dancer and budding clothing designer based in L.A., tWitch captivated fans with his popping and ticking solos and partnering with dancers Kherington Payne and Katee Shean on Season 4. He’s now a movie star with his work in Step Up 3D! Check back each week to hear from tWitch — and to talk about all the Top 20 performances, which begin Tuesday, Oct. 27.

What’s up world!!! It’s your boy tWitch here, runner-up on Season 4, getting ready for Season 6 (or what I like to call Season ‘SICK’), of So You Think You Can Dance! I am taking a break from saving the world one dance floor at time and I thought I would jump on to share my thoughts on the upcoming season of SYTYCD.

Each week, I will be giving you a recap on the performance episodes, letting you know which piece moved me, which choreographers shared their soul, and which dancers left in on the floor. This season is sure to be a hot one and I will be here to let you know who sizzles… and sometimes… who fizzles. There will definitely be heartbreak throughout the season but there will also be moments of excitement, passion and hopefully praise.

I remember being on the show and what it did for me. The experience I gained was priceless and it got me prepared for an industry that never sleeps. I have been able to pursue all of my passions and spread my wings farther than I ever imagined possible. I have shot movies, started a clothing line, and I have been able to help realize that dancers are more than just ‘back up’… they are the show. To all of the folks out there aspiring to be professional dancers, keep doing your thing and never stop. The world of dance has exploded and the opportunities out there right now for us are endless.

To all of the fans of SYTYCD, get ready for an amazing season, and you know I will always keep it ‘tWitch’ with you, week in and week out. All right, I have to return to saving the world with my moves… so it is now time to return to your regular programming. tWitch out!

Tell us: Who are your early favorites?

Joe Viles/FOX

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