Kelli Bender
April 10, 2014 04:00 PM

It’s official: CBS has named Stephen Colbert the new host of the Late Show.

The Colbert Report star will take over for David Letterman after the current host retires next year.

Colbert has been a frequent guest on the show, memorably sitting down in 2005 to discuss the launch of The Colbert Report and the beginning of his own late-night hosting career.

“How long do you think it will take you to change the world?” Letterman asked of the forthcoming Comedy Central show.

“I think we have an eight week initial commitment,” The Daily Show alum joked back.

Now nine years later, Colbert is preparing to leave the Emmy Award-winning Report to take on Letterman’s desk duties, capping his marathon of hilarious Late Show bits.

Five unforgettable nights when Colbert swung by to say hi to Letterman:

1. His first guest appearance and announcement of The Colbert Report

2. Colbert interrupts Letterman’s monologue for the bathroom key

3. Colbert arrives in costume to talk about The Hobbit

4. Letterman asks for the dirt on Colbert’s time at Congress

5.Colbert shares his sailing skills … or lack thereof

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David Letterman in 1994

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