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SPOILER: Two More Leave American Idol

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Michael Becker/FOX

Two singers were doomed to leave American Idol this week, and they turned out to be …

Keep reading to find out who was sent home!

After performing Elvis Presley songs Tuesday night, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were eliminated Wednesday, leaving just seven contestants in the competition.

Anyone at home stunned by those developments? Anyone at home not hear about the vote on health care? Not likely.

Andrew was given the bad news close to the top of the hour. It was done very efficiently, as if Ryan were a human-resources specialist informing an employee his job had been made redundant.

The judges had stopped showing any serious interest in Andrew weeks ago. He was a dependable good sport about it all, including the fact that the judges never stopped reminding him that his best performance had been a cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”

That alone would make a contestant go crazy.

Teenager Katie was an uneven yet underrated singer, week after week stuck in musical limbo: The judges wanted her to project an image that would match her demographic, but it would have taken a brilliant talent (which she isn’t) paired with a shrewd producer to reinvent old hits by the Beatles and Elvis Presley. Maybe she can grow up to be the female Michael Buble.

She was joined in the bottom three by Tim Urban and Michael Lynche — although after Michael was sent back to safety, Ryan said he really hadn’t been anywhere near the bottom.

Did that mean Tim was actually in the bottom two? It was a confusing bit of stage business. At any rate, Tim may have gone from zero to hero, as Simon put it, but he’s slipping backward.

Crystal Bowersox, declared safe, tooted on a tiny harmonica as she made her way to the safety of the couches. That was the best musical moment of the night, believe it or not.

Brooke White and Justin Gaston performed a duet, “If I Can Dream.” Then Adam Lambert appeared in shaft of mist and laser light to sing “What Do You Want From Me.” It was classic Adam, vocally flawless and meaninglessly histrionic. –Tom Gliatto

Tell us: Were the right two sent home? Who else should have been eliminated?

Michael Becker/FOX