Lanford Beard
June 05, 2017 12:00 PM

There’s a storm brewing on Southern Charm — but who knew it might stir up Shep Rose‘s paternal instincts?

In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s Southern Charm Savannah, the Charleston playboy from the franchise’s original edition heads even further down South as Hurricane Matthew threatens the region.

Rose, 37, quickly meets up with Savannah’s own Lyle Mackenzie, Louis Oswald and Daniel Eichholz to party it up and exchange war stories. But as Rose and the guys reminisce about their shared past, he begins to think about his future.

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“I spent all afternoon playing with my nieces. They’re f—ing awesome,” he tells his pals.

“I want, like, a nephew,” he continues before taking an incredibly unexpected turn — “or maybe a kid? I mean, should I just impregnate somebody?” (This coming from the man who admitted just moments earlier that he forgot to pack socks when he left South Carolina.)

After taking a shot, he predicts with a gravely laugh: “Bad decisions are on the horizon!”

A double dose of Southern Charm airs Mondays from 8–10 p.m., with Savannah in the second hour.

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