People Staff
April 25, 2008 12:00 AM

Grey’s Anatomy finally returned last night for the first of five post-strike episodes. And where did Seattle Grace’s finest residents pick up? A not-so-healthy surgical competition between Mer, Yang, Izzie and Alex to win… a bedazzled pager?! The contest brought out the best in some (Mer discovers a bear-attack victim has a brain tumor) and the crazy in others (Izzie put a patient–Cheech Marin–through a battery of unnecessary tests when he had a simple case of the flu). And it brought back the humor to a show that was heavy on the drama last we remember.

But next week’s preview hints that the drama is about to build with Addison returning for one episode to shake things up, Ava/Rebecca delivering some big news to Alex and a possible Yang/Dr. Hahn showdown.

But back to last night’s Grey’s…Did the first post-strike episode live up to the hype? And what did you make of some of the odd, new pairings: Der’s budding romance with nurse Rose, sudden BFFs Callie and Hahn and new roomies George and Lexie?


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