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December 01, 2009 12:00 AM

Recognition, a spot on tour and a paycheck are all a part of what it means to be in the So You Think You Can Dance top 10. Last week, Karen Hauer, an American Rhythm dancer from Fort Lee, N.J., and Victor Smalley, a contemporary wonder from Miami, barely missed the mark as the judges had their final say in who stays and who goes. This week, season 6’s top 10 will get new partners, and the fans will handle the cuts from here on out until a new winner is crowned America’s Favorite Dancer. –Jed Dreben

Here’s a rundown the top 10 dancers who’ll be performing tonight:

Ashleigh Di Lello Age: 26 Hometown: Orem, Utah Style: ballroom This ballroom beauty is one half of the first married couple ever to make the SYTYCD top 20. Ashleigh says she loves to watch her husband Ryan Di Lello dance — even if it’s with another partner! “We’ve been there before and it actually adds spice,” she says of going up against him. “It’s like, I love you but you’re going down.”

Mollee Gray Age: 18 Hometown: Upland, Calif. Style: jazz A self-proclaimed Britney Spears fanatic, Gray managed to survive Vegas and make the top 20 despite a foot injury. Visibly growing each week on the show, this former background dancer is ready to move to the front of the stage — but wouldn’t mind supporting the pop superstar on tour.

Noelle MarshAge: 18 Hometown: Sanford, N.C. Style: contemporary Audiences and judges have started to notice this shooting star. And although currently single, she considers dance to be one of the few things she can count on 100 percent of the time. She admits that if ever they were to separate, “I’m pretty sure I would be lost.”

Kathryn McCormick Age: 19 Hometown: Augusta, Ga. Style: contemporary/lyrical Clearly a dark horse this season, this Georgia peach has slowly become one of the judges’ favorites. Aside from dance, she loves to sing and would sing all the time if she were only better at it, she says.

Ellenore Scott Age: 19 Hometown: New York City Style: contemporary Scott has wowed the judges each week with her sharp wit and impeccable style. Along with dance, this future Mia Michaels has a love for cooking and can speak conversational Japanese. “Before I leave this earth,” she vows, “I will speak Japanese. I promise!”

Ryan Di LelloAge: 28 Hometown: Springville, Utah Style: ballroom This Hugh Jackman lookalike has no trouble competing against his wife as they met doing just that on the ballroom circuit. But if dancing doesn’t work out for Ryan, who has had trouble keeping his shirt on so far this season, his buff chest is perfect action star material. “That was always my dream as a kid,” he admits.

Russell FergusonAge: 20 Hometown: Boston Style: hip-hop/krump Like season four’s Joshua and tWitch before him, Ferguson has proven with his raw talent that he can hit the choreography as hard as he hits krump. If things don’t work out in front of the camera, he has a backup plan. “I love behind-the-scenes camera work and getting different angles,” he says. “I love to watch things form.”

Jakob KarrAge: 19 Hometown: Orlando Style: contemporary A friend of season 5 winner Jeanine Mason, he says the best thing about the current champ is her unrelenting humility. “She’s still the most level-headed person I’ve ever met in my life,” he says. But Ashton Kutcher is the guy he would love to see come on the show and dance: “I think that would be a really interesting thing to see!”

Jonathan ‘Legacy’ PerezAge: 28 Hometown: Los Angeles Style: hip-hop Scientists are still trying to explain some of the moves he’s pulled off this season. His secret, he reveals, is the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. “B-boy anthems come from James Brown,” he says. “We break to his music.” This Colombian street dancer, who received a soccer scholarship out of high school, ended up switching gears after breaking his arm. He’s also a massage therapist.

Nathan TrasorasAge: 18 Hometown: Downey, Calif. Style: contemporary He was too young for season 5 so the judges gave him a ticket to 6 after his amazing audition. When it comes to expressing himself through dance, he isn’t shy about doing whatever comes to mind. “Dancing is doing stupid movement and making it look good,” he explains. A fun celebrity he’d like to see bust a move on the SYTYCD stage this season? Will Ferrell.

Tell us: Which top 10 dancer are you excited to watch this season?

Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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