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April 30, 2010 12:00 AM

She was known for her quirky outfits and kooky charm, but most of all, Siobhan Magnus made her mark by hitting unbelievable closing notes in every performance. She will do so again, no doubt, when the American Idol tour starts up in the summer! PEOPLE talked to Magnus, who was eliminated Wednesday despite a strong performance the night before, about her dream of collaborating with Hanson and Hole, why Lee DeWyze owes her $50 and going home to dork out with her boyfriend. –Cynthia Wang

You had been a front-runner early in the competition. Was there much disappointment in leaving before the Top 5? Initially there was bound to be some disappointment and you wonder what happened and why it happened but you can’t get too far into that because it’s out of my hands, so you really have no choice but to start thinking positively so you don’t get upset. … I still have the tour to look forward to and then I have a lot after the tour, hopefully, to look forward to as well.

Lee DeWyze looked crestfallen when your name was called. Can you describe why you became close friends?We were able to talk about everything and kind of calm each other down. He’s such a worrywart. … He owes me fifty dollars because he bet me he would be in the bottom three this week. He’s like, ‘I just know it. I have this feeling. I just know it.’ I’m like, ‘Shut up, Lee, there’s no way.’ He’s like, ‘I’ll bet.’ … At the end of the show, he gave me a big hug and I said, ‘You owe me fifty dollars!’ And I’m not going to let that go!

If you were to make an album now, what would it sound like?I definitely learned a lot more about myself as a performer … I had more success with the more rock or blues or soul kind of music and I would love to make a unique sound that’s a combination of those things.

Who would you like to collaborate with?There are so many artists that I aspire to be like just in the way that they’re so influential to me and to others. Obviously Hanson is one of my favorite bands of all time and they’ve inspired me so much and their music has brought me through so much and if I ever got a chance to collaborate with them I would be just over the moon!

You have tattoos honoring both Hanson and Hole, who, you saw in concert last week. If you had to pick one to perform with at the finale, which would you choose?I don’t know! I might have to have someone pick for me because they’re both just so precious to me!

Out of curiosity, what song would you have sung for Sinatra Week?I would have liked to sing “My Way” although the lyrics are kind of sad. It’s my grandfather’s favorite song and he wasn’t able to make it out because he’s been really sick but he’s not just my grandfather, he’s my other father and he’s done so much for me my whole life and I wanted to be able to sing that song for him. He had been begging me for a long time now, ‘Go on American Idol and sing ‘My Way!’ I sang it for him when he retired and it would have been really cool to do that. I know that he’s still proud and I can’t wait to see him!

Do you get to get home at all?Yeah, I will get to rest a little while, not too long because we have to prepare for the finale and start rehearsing for the tour.

Tell us about your boyfriend. Will you get spend more time with him?His name is Joe and he does a lot of writing. He’s a very artistic person and he is in the process of getting into school for film. Yeah, I will get to see him and when I go home it will be nice to just hang out. We’re kind of dorks and we love to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and lots of cheesy, poorly made B-movies, stuff like that, so it will be nice just to spend just a few days not doing anything and just being dorks! Frank Micelotta/FOX

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