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February 21, 2014 04:30 PM

It’s been a decade since Sex and the City ended its cosmo-fueled six-season run on Feb. 22, 2004. And while we loved watching the fabulous foursome discover the tech trends and dessert crazes of the late ’90s and early aughts, we couldn’t help but wonder how the HBO series would look if it aired today.

Here are 12 possible scenarios for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, were SATC to tap into the zeitgeist of 2014.

1. Miranda becomes addicted to cronuts, throws one in the garbage to stop herself from eating it, then eats it anyway.

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2. Carrie downloads Tinder, but keeps accidentally swiping the wrong way.

3. Charlotte considers using Snapchat to send a racy photo to a hot new artist at her gallery.

4. Carrie dumps Big when he won’t change his Facebook status to “In a Relationship.”

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5. Samantha faces competition at work from a young nemesis with three times as many Twitter followers.

6. Carrie gets dumped by Berger via iPhone Notes app.

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7. Charlotte is concerned that SoulCycle is making her thighs bulky.

8. Carrie begins Instagramming selfies.

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9. Samantha becomes obsessed with twerking.

10. Carrie discovers Lulu; unsurprisingly Aidan’s score is a perfect ten.

11. Miranda finds Steve’s OkCupid profile; learns he’s “94% enemy.”

New Line Cinema/Everett

12. Carrie is hired to write dating listicles for Buzzfeed.

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