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Prepare for Seth Meyers's First Late Night with His Funniest SNL Clips

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Seth Meyers ascends to the Late Night desk Monday night.

At 40, Meyers is older and more experienced than his predecessors were when they began hosting the show – Dave Letterman was 34 when he started in 1982, Conan O’Brien was only 30 when he took over in 1993, and Jimmy Fallon was 34 when he started in 2009 – but he may still be feeling some jitters. We’d advise he calm his nerves by watching some of his Saturday Night Live triumphs.

Here are Hulu’s picks for Meyers’s best “Weekend Update” moments from the past season of SNL.

“If this job could be anything like ‘Update,’ where I got to tell jokes and facilitate other jokes, that would be really fun,” Meyers told The New York Times of his upcoming gig. “In the monologue itself, I would love to tell 15 jokes a night.”

Opposite Bill Hader’s Stefon, Meyers made a great straight man.

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