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Desiree Hartsock Is the Perfect Bachelorette, Says Sean Lowe

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Rick Rowell/ABC

He may have sent her home on The Bachelor, but Sean Lowe knows how much America fell in love with Desiree Hartsock.

Which is why he believes she’s the perfect choice to be the next star of The Bachelorette, coming this summer.

“They couldn’t have chosen a better Bachelorette,” Lowe, 29, tells PEOPLE.

“I’ve said from the beginning, my vote was always for Des. She’s America’s sweetheart, and I think she’s going into it with sincere intentions.”

Hartsock, a 26-year-old stylist, has said Lowe “made the best decision that he could” in sending her home in one of the most heartbreaking goodbyes in franchise history.

Of course, not everyone agreed.

“I absolutely got torn to shreds in social media when I sent her home,” Lowe says. “America voiced their opinion. They really love her! And I think it’s because she’s so sweet and so sincere.”

He adds: “I think she’ll do a great job.”

Reporting by AILI NAHAS

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