Dave Quinn
June 23, 2017 11:06 AM

Most people know Savannah Guthrie as a lovable Today show anchor and mother of two.

But it turns out, Guthrie actually has three children: Vale, 2, Charley, 5 months, and Matt Lauer, 59.

The 45-year-old journalist joked about her relationship with her Today co-anchor during a joint appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Asked by a caller if it was difficult to come back to the hit NBC morning show early from maternity leave, Guthrie explained how she never really stops being a mom.

“I think every time you have a baby you want to stay home with that baby forever and ever,” she confessed. “But I have a baby at work, his name is Matt. He gets very fussy when he doesn’t nap. I had to take care of him.”

Of course, Lauer took the joke with a laugh. The two have been working together since 2012 and have a close relationship. In February, Guthrie even accidentally called her husband, Mike Feldman, by Lauer’s name on air when telling an anecdote about having to get up in the middle of the night to feed while on maternity leave.

Elsewhere on their WWHL appearance, Guthrie confessed that she regretted one of her first interviews on the show — where she asked Khloé Kardashian to address the rumors that her late father, Robert Kardashian, wasn’t her real dad.

“I didn’t really want to ask it because it was probing and personal and intrusive. But I was new and I was like, ‘Oh I feel like they want me to.’ So I delayed and delayed and delayed and [with three seconds left] I asked, ‘So is Robert Kardashian really your father?’ And she was like, ‘Yes.’ And I was like, ‘And we’re back after your local news!’ And so that was embarrassing.”

Guthrie said Kardashian was nice about the whole thing — but Lauer wasn’t. ‘[He] ran down the stairs going, ‘What just happened? How did you ask her with three seconds, ‘Who’s your father?’ ” Guthrie recalled. “He loved it so much.”

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Lauer also looked back, wearing a wig to reenacting his infamous 2005 Tom Cruise “glib” interview with host Andy Cohen (Lauer, naturally, played Cruise).

He was also asked about his 2006 Dateline interview with Britney Spears, in which the gun-smacking 35-year-old pop star broke down in tears.

“The only part that was at all controversial was she got every emotional in the middle of the interview and she began to cry,” he told Cohen, 49. “But keep in mind, it was taped. We had many opportunities to stop so that she could compose herself and she wanted to keep going. She was really feeling extremely emotional about the hounding of the press and the paparazzi and how they were making her life miserable, so I think I did my job. I let her talk, and if people didn’t think it went well, I apologize. But I would do the same thing again.”

The Today Show airs weekdays (7–11 a.m. ET) on NBC, and Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday–Thursday (11 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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