Stephanie Petit
May 03, 2017 12:18 PM

It’s the battle of the Today hosts throwback photos!

Hoda Kotb took some inspiration from Wednesday’s show guest Andy Cohen and decided to share an old school photo of herself, even though it was a day early for social media’s hilarious weekly tradition.

“I know it’s not tbt but since @bravoandy is talking #thenandnow I thought…” Kotb, 52, captioned an Instagram photo of her younger self smiling for the camera.

Her co-host Savannah Guthrie also got in on the fun, posting an old photo of her and her sister.

“I see your awkward throwback pic, @hodakotb, and I raise you this ‘mini Jabba the Hutt’ baby photo,” she wrote, adding, “But look how cute my sissy is.”

Now, the colleagues each have little ones of their own. Guthrie, a mother of two, even showed Kotb a few parenting tricks after she adopted a daughter, Haley Joy.

“Aunt savannah showed us how to swaddle!!!” Kotb captioned an Instagram post. “Happy Haley xoxo.”

Hoda Kotb/Instagram

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“She’s such a natural, and also, there’s so much that you learn on the fly,” Guthrie said of Kotb during Hollywood Reporter‘s 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media event at The Pool in N.Y.C. last month. “And she just is doing so great and she is so happy and it’s so meant to be.”

As a mom, Guthrie shares that Kotb is basically the same person she has always known and loved.

“She’s just like the Hoda you know,” she says. “She’s just full of love and energy, and she’s also just wild and crazy. And funny and frazzled. She’s just Hoda. She’s great, and she’s exactly where she’s meant to be.”

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