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SNL Recap: Charlize Theron Plays a Cat Lady and Barbara Walters Strikes Back

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While Charlize Theron was hosting SNL Saturday, ostensibly making it her night, the evening really belonged to someone else: Barbara Walters, who finally got revenge on Saturday Night Live after years of poking fun at her.

But first, a few of Theron’s sketches: The show seemed to be purposely give the South African beauty bizarre, against-type characters, like this cat lady from “Whiskers ‘R’ We” pet rescue with an unhealthy fixation on her coworker.

As great as Theron was, Barbara Walters (famously lampooned for years on SNL for her voice as “Baba Wawa”) appeared on Weekend Update, put it in her pocket and walked away with it. “What an honor it was to see my groundbreaking career in journalism be reduced to a cartoon character with a ridiculous voice,” she said.

Theron teamed with Nasim Pedrad for this bit, a dating seminar conducted by two of the least-qualified women on the planet:

The Black Keys were the evening’s musical guest. Here they are performing “Fever”:

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