Brittany King
November 07, 2016 05:47 AM


Back by popular demand… Richard Curtis!

On Monday, Live welcomed back the Pennsylvania school teacher to sit beside Kelly Ripa as her guest co-host for his second go-around on the morning show.

During the show’s opening, Curtis told Ripa that all of his students were very interested to hear about his first time on set, mainly for one reason — the free food.

“We talked about the whole thing, I broke down the whole day and what we did,” he said of his first time on the morning show. “This was the biggest question, ‘Curtis, what kind of food do they have in the green room?’ ”

“You didn’t tell them the truth did you?” asked Ripa.

“I sure did. We all have personal chefs, there’s a whole plethora of a buffet back there. It’s amazing,” he joked back.

Live with Kelly
Live with Kelly

The television production teacher, who won a social media contest to co-host with Ripa, also revealed that there’s one person in particular who didn’t find his new gig too impressive: his 5-year-old daughter.

“While I was high on the horse, I’m so excited, the big thing that happened was… I was sitting with my daughter, my mom was sitting right next to me, and she turned to my daughter and asked, ‘How happy are you that daddy’s on TV?’ Stoned-faced, [she] looks at my mother and goes, ‘Well, it’s not like it’s Disney channel, gamma.’ ”

“I said, ‘What does Disney channel have that I don’t have?’ ” he continued. “She said, ‘Magic powers with princesses.’ ”

Later in the show, Curtis received the best compliment from Monday’s guest star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I feel like you’ve been secretly doing talk shows for the last 10 years,” Parker told him.

“That’s the nicest compliment,” he responded.

“Just as an audience, it’s really quite something,” the actresses added. “I was trying to think of comparisons like a fish to water, a magnet to a refrigerator, like a moth to a flame, peanut butter to jelly.”

While the race to fill the position is still ongoing, fans didn’t hold back their excitement to see Curtis appear alongside Ripa again.

Prior to returning, Curtis took to his Instagram to share his excitement about his big return.

“Honestly, so excited to be back in that chair! Hosting that show was incredible and I’m ready to show America the guy they saw is who I really am! Blessed! This is all because my wife rocks and made me do it!!! Thanks Boo!!!,” he wrote.

Live with Kelly airs weekdays (check local listings).

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