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Maria Coder
September 14, 2015 11:45 AM

Undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is a force to be reckoned with in the mixed martial arts world – but she’s also a huge softie.

“I’m the biggest crier,” she told Ellen DeGeneres on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday.

“Especially fight week when I’m about to fight, I’m the most emotional. Like my last fight I like totally cried the day before that,” Rousey, 28, said, referring to her fight against Bethe Correia in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in August. Rousey won in 34 seconds.

“You cry before you get in the ring because of anxiety?” asked DeGeneres.

“You’re so amped up and it’s like every emotion that you could possibly have, it happens during that week. It’s like the most stress, most anxiety, most pressure possible and then it’s the happiest you could possibly be,” Rousey told DeGeneres. “It’s all these things and it’s just sometimes you cant hold it in. It’s gotta leak out of somewhere, why not your eyes?”

Ronda Rousey and Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

DeGeneres sympathized. “Me too. I cry a lot too,” she said. “I think there’s nothing wrong with being strong and then you should be able to cry.”

Rousey also confirmed to DeGeneres that she’s the highest paid fighter in the UFC. “It’s pretty cool. It’s fun to say,” she said with a smile.

Sitting down with DeGeneres for the first time, Rousey admitted that meeting the talk show host had long been a pipe dream of hers, when she’d fantasize about “making it” one day.

“I was like, I’m going to win the UFC championship, Serena Williams is going to be my best friend and I’m going to go on Ellen, that was my list,” she said, as the crowd cheered.

“How come I’m not your best friend?” joked DeGeneres.

Rousey was on the show to promote her book, Rousey, which came out this summer.

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