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What Was Glee's Best Rocky Horror Song?

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show got the Glee treatment Tuesday and it was full of twists – including a female Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

When Mr. Schuester found out that Emma had let loose enough to go see the raucous cult classic film with her new boyfriend, Dr. Carl Howell, Mr. Schuester decided to have the glee club perform the stage version of the show as a way to get closer to the guidance counselor.

But Rocky Horror‘s adult themes – transvestites, nudity, drugs, and sex – brought up all sorts of problems for Mr. Schuester and the glee club kids.

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• When Finn found out his character, Brad, spent half the show in his underwear, he was overcome with insecurity about his body.
• Mike, who volunteered to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, dropped out because his parents were “not cool with me dressing like a tranny.”
• Mr. Shuster decided that having Sam play a nearly nude, gold-lamé-wearing Rocky Horror was inappropriate for a student.

The only upside to the show is that Mercedes finally got the lead role in a school musical. She stepped up to play a female version of Frank-N-Furter and performed a rocking version of “Sweet Transvestite” while decked out in shiny pleather and knee-high boots.

Eventually, Mr. Schuester realized that Rocky Horror wasn’t an appropriate musical for the McKinley High kids to put on for the school. But he did let the glee club perform it for themselves, allowing for a big group finale number with – what else? – “The Time Warp”.