Wade Rouse
March 12, 2014 07:10 AM

What better way to celebrate the season 6 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City than to watch Pinot Princess Ramona Singer go shot for shot with sworn enemy Aviva Drescher?

“Wanna do a shot of tequila?” Drescher asked, after having begged Singer to meet her in order to reconcile.

“Is this your first shot?” Singer, 57, replied.

“I feel like I m losing my virginity,” Drescher laughed, adding, “Not that bad I’ve swallowed much worse.”

“This is major movement,” Singer said about their friendship, smiling. “I hope it’s not the alcohol talking, but I’m enjoying myself.”

“Drinking is not really my thing, but if it’ll get me back into Ramona’s good graces, let’s go,” Drescher, 43, said.

Of course, Manhattan mainstay Sonja Morgan is back, and she continues to raise eyebrows with her whackadoodle decisions, which now includes a new, very young boyfriend she calls “Big Ben.”

“I went from 80 to 20 in six seconds,” Morgan, 50, joked about the age of her ex compared to her new boy toy, while Carole Radziwill added, “I didn’t know if she was dating him or adopting him.”

And a new NYC housewife – model and mother Kristen “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty” Taekman – was added to the mix and looks to give Morgan and Singer a run in the drama department.

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“Not only is she tall and pretty, but she’s weird,” author Radziwill, 50, accurately stated. “That’s the hat trick for me.”

Taekman showed that stormy side when her husband, Josh, was late to a date night dinner due to a heavy rainstorm in the city.

“It pisses me off when my husband is late,” the 36-year-old blonde said. “It drives me insane.”

“Do you know how embarrassing it is to sit in a crowded restaurant by yourself?” she asked her husband, who apologized and said he couldn’t catch a cab.

“I want to honor you for all the great things you do as a mother and wife,” he said, to which she offered, “It’s so fake and phony,” before he surprised her by pulling out a gift of earrings.

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“You get a blow— for these,” she joked, having earlier said with an evil laugh, “Josh and I are so in love we bicker and fight and then make up.”

If the season 6 preview is any indication, the wives will take a big bite out of the Big Apple, and each other, with a bevy of dog funerals, lost teeth, cowboys, tossed wine glasses, a lost leg and, of course, lots of yelling and Pinot.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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