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June 28, 2017 10:00 PM

Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley has certainly lost her temper on Sonja Morgan in the past, calling her a “disgusting, pathetic, delusional fool” (among other things) earlier this season. But on Wednesday’s all-new episode, it was round two as the 52-year-old Berkshires beauty popped her top at Morgan during a group lunch in the Bronx.

The catalyst for their feud was an old topic around the New York Housewives’ circle: Tipsy Girl, the Prosecco Morgan launched last year that drew the ire of Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel at the time.

“They call it a cheater brand,” Frankel told Morgan when she first heard about it in an epic battle that lasted most of last season. “I’m completely insulted and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan
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But if Morgan was going down, she wasn’t going down alone.

At the show’s season 8 reunion, she mentioned that Ramona Singer had also been aware of the Tipsy Girl name — having been approached to invest in the product by Morgan’s business partner Peter Guimaraes.

Guimaraes has a history on RHONY. As fans may remember, he’s the guy who had collaborated with Singer on AOA Bar & Grill (she’s reportedly cut ties with the property). And as Morgan revealed on Wednesday, he had also been in discussions with Medley to join the Tipsy Girl team.

“Dorinda and Ramona both wanted to do Tipsy Girl,” Morgan, 53, said — claiming Guimaraes had met with Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian. “You said you were totally on board. I have the text [message]!”

She explained to viewers: “I have this text that Dorinda’s boyfriend John sent to Peter saying ‘Dorinda, she’s in 100 percent.’ My point is, she was interested in doing it … Ramona was … So they could have told Bethenny that they never in a million years thought she’d get so upset about the brand.”

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Medley — who came into the lunch hungover and immediately started drinking — flipped her lid at the accusation.

“I swear Sonja Morgan, I have never wanted to be part of Tipsy Girl,” she said. “That guy Peter has called me five times. … I never wanted to be part of Tipsy Girl.”

“It’s b——-, so stop with this b——-,” she continued. “I’d rather chew my left leg off than be part of Tipsy Girl. You think I need that s—? ”

Telling the audience how Morgan was going “backwards to bring up this ridiculous lie again,” Medley maintained her innocence and asked Morgan to produce the text message as proof.

“John Mahdessian said, ‘Totally on board — they had a lunch,’ ” Morgan said, appearing to quote (or paraphrase?) the message.

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That didn’t fly with Medley.

“I don’t care what John Mahdessian said — I’m not married to John Mahdessian, John Mahdessian doesn’t run my estate. So get John Mahdessian to run Tipsy Girl,” she yelled in response. “I don’t care if John Mahdessian wants to be Tipsy Guy. Have at it! I don’t pay his bills! I don’t live with hi!. Here’s the good news — I’m free!”

It was all very funny. But when Morgan once again repeated that “Dorinda wanted to do Tipsy Girl”? That’s when she really hit the fan.

Standing up and delivering a rant as good as her previous drunken attacks on the show, Medley went off.

“Oh come on. Now you need to back that s— up and take it back right now,” she screamed — patrons around her staring. “You better take it back Sonja. You better take it back!”

“You’re f—— your way to the middle, and you keep f—— your way to the middle,” she said, leaning over the table into Morgan’s face. “You’re bankrupt. I have your papers for fraud.”

She then repeatedly called Morgan a “Hostess with the mostess” — gesturing to her crotch.

“Stop. Clip, clip, clip,” she screamed, clapping her hand in Morgan’s direction. “You fool!”

In her final gesture before walking out, Medley threw her coat check ticket at Morgan. “Here’s my coat. Go get my coat from me, I have a coat check,” she said. “It’s a fur.”

For her part, Morgan remained extremely calm. But the rest of the table was cracking up laughing. “I got to be honest, I love it,” Carole Radziwill admitted. “This is my favorite part. When Dorinda’s bad she is soo good.”

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So is that the end of Medley and Morgan’s friendship? It doesn’t appear to be. After walking out, Medley returned to plead with Morgan — explaining to her that she was hurt when Morgan previously claimed Medley had a coke habit.

“You belittle me by saying I’m involved with something I’m not involved with,” Medley said. “You have no right to speak on my behalf. I never said a word. I was proud of you, I was happy for you. In all the s— you said about me, I never spoke poorly about you. Never, never. ”

“I’m not about going backwards, asswipe,” she continued. “I want this to end. I want to forge a friendship with you. I beg you, just move on from this and I respect you.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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