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Wade Rouse
August 03, 2014 11:35 PM

They may be rookies, but the three newest Real Housewives of New Jersey certainly brought out old-school Jersey drama on Sunday.

The housewives attended a First Responders-themed costume party, only to witness a five-alarm fire breaking out when hostess Nicole Napolitano confronted Amber Marchese about the rumors that she heard Marchese was spreading about her being a homewrecker.

Napolitano’s twin, Teresa Aprea, got Amber’s embers burning when she approached her and then stalked off. Marchese followed and – with a fiery “Let’s go!” – insisted they go elsewhere to talk, and the scene turned into an inferno.

“I’m not your dog,” Napolitano snapped. “Do not do that, Amber!” Fists, wine, words and glasses flew, with the twins turning on their former friend.

“Get off me!” Marchese shrieked.

As her hair was being pulled, Marchese screamed at Napolitano, who was tossing the party with boyfriend Bobby, “That’s why he won’t marry your ass!”

“Nicole was my friend,” said a distraught Marchese, who stormed out of the party furious at the twins and just as angry at Melissa Gorga, who fueled the fight by telling the twins what Marchese felt she had told her in confidence. “I hope you’re happy, Melissa!”

And then it was the husbands’ turn.

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Upset by the fact that Marchese’s husband, Jim, didn’t attend a recent guys’ night out – due to the fact that he runs a mortgage company and “can’t be in the same room” with Teresa Giudice and husband Joe, who recently pleaded guilty to fraud – Aprea’s husband, Rino, called him out.

“You’re a jerkoff,” Rino told Jim as the couple was about to flee. “You don’t want to hang out with us because you’re an attorney.”

“You really want to go there?” he asked Rino, before turning to whisper to a seething Joe Gorga, who was seated in the kitchen and also prodding him. “I work with the state attorney general that’s prosecuting your brother-in-law, you dumb f—!”

While Joe and Bobby look to take it to the next level next week, Dina Manzo was apprehensive to do so at the party after Napolitano introduced her to hunky firefighter Matt.

“C’mon, get it together, girl,” joked Melissa Gorga, after Matt asked Manzo out on a date and she began to babble the intimate details of her divorce and difficulties of dating again. “He just wants to take you to dinner without all the baggage.”

And maybe the scrubs, too.

“I’m wearing scrubs, and then there’s this hot guy there to meet me,” sighed Manzo, who opted for a practical costume instead of a sexy one, like the other wives. “It’s so embarrassing!”

But not as embarrassing as the brawl that looks to break out on next Sunday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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