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RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Storms into Oklahoma with Her Daughter

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Craig Barritt/Getty

Oklahoma is known as part of Tornado Alley, but it was Vicki Gunvalson who came storming through the state on Tuesday’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Gunvalson was not pleased to leave the OC to help daughter Briana look for a new home due to son-in-law Ryan’s Midwestern military relocation.

“It scares me we’re totally in Tornado Alley,” said Gunvalson, looking at a home that had an underground shelter. “You don’t just build a shelter for the hell of it.”

Continued Gunvalson: “Run! Oklahoma is a fine place to visit. Do I want to live there? No! Do I want my grandchildren living there? No! The answer is ‘No!’ ”

But the move away from her mother earned a big “Yes” from Briana.

“The move to Oklahoma is hard on everyone, but it’s time for me to make my own decisions without having her approval,” she said. “I don’t like California. I don’t want to raise my kids there.”

Continued Briana: “$400,000 in Orange County [is nothing], but in Oklahoma I can buy a couple new houses, my mom a new nose and new boobs, and a couple of cars. I’m not going to live with her ever again. Ever. Again.”

But Gunvalson had different plans.

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“He’s taking the family away from family,” said Gunvalson.

“I’m taking my family with me,” said Ryan. “It’s not about you it shouldn’t be about you.”

Gunvalson tried to make amends at a family dinner at a restaurant, but had trouble getting the words out, especially when Ryan ordered a local delicacy.

“What are lamb fries?” Gunvalson asked.

Fried lamb testicles was the answer.

“Really?” she said gagging, before managing to find the right words. “I just have to keep my mouth shut Be patient with me. I love my family.”

Tamra Barney did the right thing speaking out after learning her son Ryan had been purchasing HGH (human growth hormone) off the street.

“You shouldn’t be taking drugs off the streets,” said Barney. “Ryan’s always struggled with body issues.”

Concerned, Barney took her son to see her physician, telling the doctor, “He doesn’t know what he’s putting in his body. He might be 28, but he’s still my kid.”

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After performing a blood test on her son, the antiaging doctor then focused his attention on Barney, who came on a quest to halt the advance of time.

When the doctor recommended testosterone, Barney responded, “I don’t want acne. And I don’t want a penis either. But I don’t want to get old.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.