Wade Rouse
March 18, 2014 06:15 AM

Let’s get ready to rumble!

The women came out fighting on part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Monday night, and it didn’t take long before the gloves came off.

Although we all know host Andy Cohen is saving the best (or worst) for last, here were the knockout moments from Round One:

Valley Girl?
Former BFFs turned frenemies Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump went after one another from the start, with Glanville throwing the first punch by claiming that Vanderpump used to live in the Valley and once filed for bankruptcy.

“I paid $9.99, and you did,” Glanville, 41, said about researching Vanderpump’s possible former home, saying she did so because Vanderpump, 53, used to say she needed “a passport” whenever she visited Glanville in the Valley.

“Is there something bad about living in Calabasas?” Cohen joked. “Isn’t that where the Kardashians live?”

Escape to Kim Mountain
Kim Richards had some zany moments this season, from praying to a trashcan to trying to train her dog, Kingsley, but she celebrated her first full season sober.

“I think I’m feeling more free to be the kooky, fun person I could be,” Richards, 49, admitted, before turning emotional. “This show has kept me sober and accountable I love making people smile and laugh you guys have saved my life.”

Gold Medal Gown
Glanville and newcomer Joyce Giraud have battled all year, with some of their fighting turning downright nasty.

“I made a stupid comment that was over the top,” Glanville said, referring to her comment to Giraud, 38, earlier in the season that black people couldn’t swim, a remark that many labeled racist and which Glanville said led to the egging of her house and threats. “I am the least racist person I’m sorry.”

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Apology aside, Cohen teased a battle when he stated that Glanville wrote in her blog that the difference between her and Giraud was that the former Miss Puerto Rico had “settled” for her husband while Glanville had to be physically attracted to the men she dated.

“I’ve seen you kissing a guy when your tampon is hanging out of your private parts,” Giraud retorted, to which Glanville said, “He’s a gay man [and my agent]. And don’t call him ugly. I’ve never dated an ugly man.”

Or worn an ugly dress, if her reaction to Giraud’s gold, glittery gown was any indication.

“Well, I’m sorry the Olympics started,” she said, inferring Giraud’s dress was ice dancing-esque and that her skates were waiting off-stage. “Sochi’s calling.”

Round Two of the three-part reunion continues next Monday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo, and it looks as if Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump will bump heads as will Carlton Gebbia and Kyle Richards.

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