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Wade Rouse
February 17, 2014 07:00 AM

What was supposed to be an Eyes Wide Shut masquerade ball for charity turned into a “Mouths Wide Open” shouting match on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya Moore organized the event not only to raise funds for Saving Our Daughters, one of NeNe Leakes‘s favorite charities, but also to get back in her good graces after their falling out at the pajama party turned brawl.

“I never received an invitation,” said Leakes, although Moore had sent her an E-vite. “You don’t have a charity event for someone and not call them Why would I be going to the ball?”

But an incensed Leakes, 45, decided to attend, forgoing a mask and any etiquette skills.

When Moore, 42, who auctioned off hot bachelors for charity, called an unprepared Leakes to the microphone to say a few words, she made her anger apparent, tersely saying a few words before handing the mic back to a stunned Moore.

“It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about it,” Leakes said icily. “I’d like to thank Saving Our Daughters, which is one of many charities that I work with.”

Cue exit left and haughty strut by Leakes (with more attitude than any runway show).

“How dare you?” Leakes said after her departure. “I didn’t even know I had to speak you can’t play a chick like me. I was hopeful I could come to the event and switch gears, but I couldn’t.”

“This is completely uncalled for,” said Moore. “It’s pathetic.”

Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, seemed to be in agreement, leading a mass exit from the event, but it was actually Leakes who was in for a surprise.

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“I don’t agree with what NeNe just did,” said Thomas. “Whatever beef they had, this is not the place for it This is a charity event. You went up there, and everybody felt the tension I would not walk into a room like that.”

A shocked Leakes responded, “It doesn’t look good for a man to be in a woman’s business.”

When the two began to argue, Thomas yelled, “It’s not about Kenya, it’s about the charity event.”

“Don’t place blame and put the fault on me,” Leakes said.

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“It’s about to be a fiasco right now,” a furious Thomas said, leaving.

“Why’s she killing herself right now?” Bailey wondered about her BFF.

The same could be said for Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss’s mother, who just can’t quit meddling in her daughter’s love life.

Burruss learned that her mother had planned to pay off an associate of Burruss’s if he invited her fiancé Todd Tucker out and got him “touchin’ on the girls” and then got photographic evidence of it.

“I really don’t have any respect for your mom,” a wounded Tucker said when Burruss told him. “There’s only a certain amount of time before it’s ‘I love you, but I can’t do this.'”

“Are you sayin’ you’re leaving me?” asked a weeping Burruss, 37.

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“That’s an option,” he replied. “What man is gonna be in your life if you let this continue? I’m just bein’ honest with you.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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