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April 24, 2008 12:00 AM

With the Real World‘s 20th season under way in Hollywood, hot 20-something roommates aren’t wasting any time when it comes to hooking up. This brings us to the all-important chemistry between the cast members. Which ones have it and which ones don’t? Here’s a reading after Wednesday’s episode, based on a scale, in which chemistry increases from 1 to 10. –Nicholas White

8 and Rising: Kimberly and Dave. This could be the house’s hottest couple, a home-cooked version of Ken and Barbie who share a bed and hold hands. “Kim will flirt with me, but she’s not giving me the surefire signs that telling me that she wants to cuddle,” Dave says. Apparently, Dave is the only one who doesn’t recognize that the signs are “surefire.”

5 and Cooling: Sarah and Will. These two flirty lovebirds traded affections for each other on last week’s debut, after Will told Sarah he had a “kindergarten crush” on her. But all is blown when Will passes on celebrating Sarah’s 21st birthday to meet entertainment execs at West Hollywood nightclub Pearl. “I’m here for some networking,” Will explains. Sarah, who has a boyfriend at home, says, “You can go out with Greg anytime … I’m a little heartbroken.”

4 and Warming: Greg and the rest of the cast. No secret that Greg, a.k.a. “Pretyboy,” was public enemy No. 1 last week. But he’s starting to make friends (Will went out of his way to be friendly with Greg), and he taught Joey how to use chopsticks.

2 and Sinking: Brianna and Kimberly. These two housemates will be at each other’s throats by season’s end. When Brianna invites some friends back to the house, Kimberly wages a nasty public fight while guests watch, mouths agape. And in the first, “Oh no she didn’t” moment, Kimberly calls Brianna “ghetto” about seven times.

6 and Steady: Joey and Brianna. The telling moment: While Joey splashes in the pool, Brianna sits by watching and says, “Do you know how attractive you are? You’re hot.” Joey laughs and counters, “It’s very flattering to me … You make me so happy,” joking that he’s getting turned on.

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