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Real Housewives: Vicki’s Weepy Weekend in Florida

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Kelsey McNeal/Bravo

The girls-only weekend in Florida that Vicki planned turned into a co-ed mixer on Thursday’s Real Housewives of Orange County when Tamra‘s husband Simon and Alexis‘s husband Jim decided to come along. But when Gretchen‘s boyfriend Slade surprised her by showing up, the getaway turned into an emotional nightmare for Vicki.

“Things are different when the spouses are there,” Vicki said. “It shouldn’t bother me but it does.”

In fact, Vicki decided to sit out after-dinner drinks and a sunset boat ride because she didn’t want to be around the men. Even Tamra’s begging couldn’t convince her to come along or to stop crying.

Without Vicki there, the group — led by Simon — had plenty to say about her.

“She’s always been envious of me and Tamra,” Simon said, adding later, “I don’t know if Vicki and Tamra’s relationship is a good one. I’ve noticed a difference in my wife in the last few years. Vicki feels the need to tell my wife how to live her life and it doesn’t make me happy.”

The next day, over manicures, Vicki and Tamra had a chat. Vicki said she sees hate in Simon’s eyes when he looks at her and Tamra admitted that her husband thinks Vicki is coming between them.

“If husbands are coming, I’m not going to,” a weepy Vicki said. “It’s not fair to me because I feel sad … I’m getting my feelings hurt too quickly.”

Vicki wasn’t the only one feeling left out. Lynne also had to sit out a safari boat ride through the Florida Everglades because of her recent plastic surgery. And on the sunset cruise while the couples smooched, a loopy Lynne pretended to have an invisible companion of her own — with a little help from her painkillers.

Tell us: Is Vicki being immature or does she have a right to be angry that the men crashed her girls’ weekend? What do you think of what Simon said about Vicki and Tamra’s relationship?Kelsey McNeal/Bravo