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Real Housewives Recap: NeNe & Kim (Sort of) Make Up

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Wilford Harewood/Bravo

It was the party to end all parties. As DeShawn prepared for her husband’s retirement and how it will affect their life, and Lisa celebrated her husband’s birthday, NeNe finally confronted former BFF Kim during an intense dinner with all five housewives. The two may not be throwing slumber parties or making spa visits together anytime soon, but progress was made in healing their broken friendship.

Cooking Lessons After learning that her husband, NBA player Eric Snow, was being forced into retirement due to an injury, DeShawn realized her extravagant way of life is unsustainable. Without a multi-million dollar contract, cutbacks would have to be made and she would have to pick up some of the household duties herself. Lisa vowed to help her and came over to teach DeShawn how to cook chicken. The very simple dish was a success, but DeShawn’s private chef seemed too excited about helping DeShawn learn to cook. If she takes over in the kitchen, he would be out of a job. But fortunately, as we learned in the closing credits, DeShawn decided to leave the cooking to the chefs. Her kids are probably grateful.

Fashion Fairy Godfather After her clothing line was almost derailed last week due to shoddy stitch work, Sheree used her “connections” and made a call to Atlanta-based Project Runway finalist Mychael Knight, who later stopped by to give her tips on starting her own fashion line. “You’ve got to be a lot more hands on,” he told Sheree, after learning that she didn’t even select the fabrics for her pieces herself, but instead handed everything over to a stranger. But he seemed optimistic that she could be successful, “as long as she stays on hands on with her pieces.”

Cold Turkey Even more surprising revelations about Kim came to light in this week’s episode. For starters, her daughters sleep in her bed. “That’s just something I messed up on back in the day,” Kim said. Oldest daughter Brielle vowed to make a change, but only if Mom made a sacrifice, too. After an ominous come-to-Jesus phone call from Dallas Austin, during which he basically did everything in his power to try to scare her out of becoming a singer, Kim decided to quit smoking and Brielle immediately dipped into her refrigerated stash and tossed all of her packs into the garbage.

“I always said by my 30th birthday I’d be a nonsmoker, so I can’t figure out why I’ve continued to do it,” Kim said. But she decided it’s all worth it to save her voice. “It’s a God-given talent and I’m destroying it.”

Silent Treatment At Lisa’s party to celebrate her husband Ed‘s 30th birthday, the tension between NeNe and Sheree came to a head when Lisa forced them together to snap a quick photo. “I don’t know if I wanna take a picture with you b——, but I guess I will for now,” NeNe said, clearly using her sense of humor to help lighten the mood (but also seizing the opportunity to direct a slur toward Sheree). “If it’s this much friction to get them in the picture next to me I’m afraid if they’re doing this at a party where there’s other guests, what are they gonna do in a room with just the five of us?” Lisa worried.

Last Supper Lisa was able to convince both Kim and Sheree to come to a dinner party later in the week where all five of the housewives could get together to air their grievances. And while they agreed to show, it’s not without complaing. “NeNe doesn’t want Sheree and I to be friends. We’re so much alike,” Kim said. “NeNe’s a drag queen, you’re beautiful.” The two “katty” divas continued their obsession with each other at the tense and awkward dinner, where all of the housewives and their unfortunate husbands gathered to set the record straight, by toasting to each other and excluding everyone else at the table.

NeNe quickly confronted Kim about how quickly Kim turned on her back on NeNe to be friends with Sheree instead of coming to her directly to discuss any issues with their friendship. “You look absolutely ridiculous,” she told Kim. And then, in one sentence, NeNe summed up the entire series: “This is very high school.” Since someone had to be the grown up in this situation, NeNe’s husband Gregg took the chance to put in his two cents about all the drama. “This is not worth it,” he says. “I really, really, genuinely think that if certain individuals can take the time away from everything to really sit down and have meaningful dialogue, you will see that 99 percent of the stuff that you were fed didn’t emanate from the source.” Gregg’s wise words eased the tension in the room and soon Auntie NeNe was back to hanging out with Kim’s daughters and the on-again friends even committed to discussing their issues over a glass of wine (though the end-of-show update said this still hasn’t happened — even when Kim and Big Poppa Broke up!).

Still, NeNe wasn’t feeling the same love for one of the other housewives: “Sheree and I, it’s a done deal,” NeNe says. “There will never be a Sheree and NeNe.” — Chris Willard

Tell us: Do you think Kim and NeNe will ever make up? Were you surprised that Kim and Big Poppa broke up?Wilford Harewood/Bravo