Alex McCord
October 22, 2010 03:55 PM

After watching the second hour of the Real Housewives of DC reunion, I have to agree with Mary – this season was hijacked. The antics of the Salahis and their absolute refusal to take responsibility for any of their actions, was amazing.

Now that we’ve all seen the sit-down, now that there has been an opportunity for Tareq and Michaele to open up and try to redeem themselves, can we please pull the plug on them? When faced with direct statements from the Redskins, the Congressional Black Caucus, the White House, etc., this couple stated that everyone lied. You know, one person could lie. Perhaps even multiple people connected to one event could all stick to a made-up story. But when every single story you hear about a couple is dismissed as a lie or a smear, you stop believing them. I know I stopped a good while ago.

It’s really sad that an entire season can be overshadowed by one couple’s bad behavior. I wanted to see more fun events, more interpersonal drama, more of the minutiae of these women’s lives. That’s what makes the Real Housewives shows fun. I want to see more of Lynda and Ebong’s relationship, and Rich and Mary dealing with the closet, the dog and the daughter. Let’s watch Erika go after Cat, or Cat torture Republican lobbyists – all of that is much more fun than watching someone lie over and over again.

I think that by the time the show producers and Bravo figured the Salahis out, it was probably too late. The entire season revolved around everyone else’s reaction to “Bonnie and Lied.”

There is one silver lining here. The polarizing effect of the Salahis probably sped up the bonding among the other women. Stacie, Cat, Mary and Lynda had immediate common ground – and that’s not something you can say about all the other shows. If the DC franchise is renewed, the ladies will come from a stronger place having been through the coup d’Salahi. I hope they get that chance, with a new Housewife and without Michaele.

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