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Brian Orloff
January 28, 2011 11:15 AM

Thursday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part one supplied a satisfying amount of drama as the ladies revisited some of the season’s biggest feuds.

When pressed, Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards resumed their spat – confirming the fact that the ladies just cannot agree on anything. Kim called out Taylor, who passionately supports a domestic violence charity, for making what seemed to be a physical threat against her in New York. (That now-infamous Oklahoma comment!) And Taylor told her to stop dragging her charity into the conversation.

In the end, the ladies never reached any kind of truce, and Taylor questioned Kim’s mindset that night – alluding to allegations of alcoholism but stopping short of actually saying anything outright.

It seems the two will just never be friends, right?

Lisa Vanderpump also joined the fighting a bit, denying that she was jealous of Taylor and Kyle Richards’s burgeoning friendship despite a tense scene in her restaurant, Villa Blanca, on the show. As a Brit, she said, she’s just not into any touchy-feely business and grew uncomfortable by the ladies’ incessant hand-holding.

Then there was the night’s biggest drama: Camille Grammer and Kyle attempted to trace the origins of the fight that dogged them all season. The exchange turned into a she-said, she-said back-and-forth, though Kyle did explain that she was the one who recruited Camille for the show, convincing her to do it despite her doubts.

Camille also wondered whether Kyle had set up everything to make her “look bad” and premeditated the fight, but soon disavowed that notion. But it was too late, and the ladies tossed accusations at each other, with Camille calling Kyle a bully and Kyle dismissing her claims, telling her to stop using the "buzzword" of the moment.

With a second part set to air next Tuesday, it seems like the best drama is yet to come. Expect to hear the truth about Cedric’s eviction, Kim’s drinking, Taylor’s marriage (that wasn’t touched on in part one) and the state of Kim and Kyle’s fractured family relationship.

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