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Real Housewives: Which Sister's Side Are You On?

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Fred Prouser/Reuters/Landov

The second episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought the sibling rivalry between Kim and Kyle Richards to a full boil.

The sisters headed to Palm Desert, Calif., to celebrate Easter at their family’s vacation home, and the bickering started immediately, because Kyle thought the house wasn’t cleaned properly after its last use. While grocery shopping, they argued over whether to use real butter or a butter substitute and the proper pronunciation of “salsa.” Later, in front of their guest, costar Lisa VanderPump, they nitpicked over each other’s ingredients and traded insults about one another’s figure.

At a birthday party for Kim’s daughter Whitney, things really got ugly during a discussion about whether or not Whitney should head to Houston for the summer to spend time with her father, her boyfriend and her friends.

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“I think it will end up being permanent,” Kim said, giving reasons why she thought her daughter should stay in Los Angeles.

“Kim is too dependent on her kids and we disagree a lot about that,” Kyle said, later adding, “It really bothers me when Kim will take a fun situation and turn it into something negative.”

In front of Whitney, who was trying celebrating her 20th birthday at a day spa, the discussion continued. “You just want your kids with you because you don’t want to be by yourself,” Kyle said. “Kim needs to learn to stand on her own.”

“I expect the support of my family,” Kim complained. “Loyalty between sisters is trusting that the other one will be behind you no matter what.”

So, what do you think? Does Kyle have the right to share her opinions openly in front of her nieces even though she disagrees with their mom? Or should she support her sister and bow to her parenting decisions?