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January 27, 2014 07:30 AM

What started as an innocent pajama party escalated into an ugly fistfight – one that looks to have enduring implications – on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe Leakes organized a “Pillow Talk” relationship party as a sort of fun, free couples counseling session for the wives and their significant others.

Random “How well do you know your mate?” questions were asked, but things began to get heated after Kenya Moore and her best friend, Brandon, arrived an hour late, and all hell began to break loose when the question “Would you judge your husband if he looked at another woman?” was asked.

“You guys are whack,” said Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, after some of the men danced around the question. “A lot of us go to strip clubs.”

However, when Thomas denied he would ever get a lap dance, Kandi Burruss called his bluff.

“When I walked in the club, [a stripper] was on your lap,” said Burruss, 37, recalling a past incident, before adding, “I know that he’s lying.”

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That’s when Phaedra Parks’s husband, Apollo Nida (who has been charged by federal authorities with bank fraud and identity theft), ironically began to discuss the huge amount of money he likes to spend at strip clubs.

“That’s my money. I can spend my money. You spend your money on shoes,” he yelled at Leakes, before addressing his wife. “It ain’t her money.”

“Where is Apollo getting $8,000 to blow at a strip club?” wondered Moore, before the tables were turned on her and things got ugly.

“Kenya said we were common law,” Natalie Williams said to her husband, Christopher, referring to last week’s winetasting trip when Moore told her that Williams used to call his wife “his girlfriend” or “common-law wife.”

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“Yeah, I just wanna address you,” said Christopher Williams, standing to approach Moore. “I don’t know what medication you’re on ”

When Moore stood up and the two began to come in contact with one another, Brandon got in the middle and said, “Do not put your hands on her.”

Within seconds, it turned into Fight Club: Brandon was attacked by Nida and Thomas, who pushed him down, with Nida seeming to hit and choke Moore’s friend.

“He definitely has a temper,” explained Parks, 40, “but he can usually keep it in check.”

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When everyone was momentarily separated, Leakes, 45, accused Moore of making a “wrong-ass move. You got up out of your d— seat.”

“Punks and little b—— attack women,” said an emotional Moore, 42.

A shirtless Nida refused to back off, however, again running back into the room to attack Brandon, before the episode ended.

The chaos continues – and looks to escalate – when The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns February 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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