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July 12, 2017 10:00 AM

Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel have been on opposite sides of a bitter feud this season on The Real Housewives of New York City, despite Singer’s multiple attempts to fix things and move on.

And in PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, it looks like things between the two women go from bad to worse as Frankel disinvites Singer from the upcoming group trip to Mexico.

“I take it back — I don’t want you to come on the trip,” Frankel, 46, tells Singer during a cast dinner. “I don’t. I don’t want you to come on the trip.”

Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel
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The move comes as Frankel and Singer once again spar — this time, Frankel getting revenge on Singer for criticizing her Skinnygirl business by attacking Singer’s business.

“You know what, don’t attack my business,” says Singer, 60. “I support my family. I gave half my money to my husband who I was married to for 30 years. You were only married for two. Talk to me when you’ve been married for 30 years!”

“My f—ing heart was cut out, my legs, my arms,” Singer continues, tearing up. “So don’t even tell me and try to compare your life to mine. Don’t. Don’t. Just don’t, Bethenny. Have more respect for me. Have more respect and more sympathy. It’s not always about you.”

Singer confesses: “This is what bothers me about Bethenny. You’re trying to maybe make up with someone? Well don’t say, ‘You did this to me, that to me.’ She has this hardass impression on, she still looks upset and angry and I don’t know what to do!”

Ramona Singer

So how does Singer handle being disinvited? Well in typical Singer fashion, she doesn’t accept it. “Fine, well it’s a group trip — I just won’t come to the tequila party,” she says. “It’s a group trip so I’m coming!”

Frankel appears to be cold-faced by Singer’s words and shoots back when Singer knocks her for dishing it out but not taking it. ”

“I can absolutely take it,” Frankel says. “I just took it. I’ve taken it every time, Ramona!”

Bethenny Frankel

But Singer isn’t done. “I don’t like being in this place with you,” she says, continuing to get emotional. “There’s a picture of you, me, and [Carole Radziwill] that I still have. I redid my apartment — I only have three photos. One with my daughter—”

Before she can finish, Frankel ends the chat. “The waterworks are not of interest to me,” she says. “You’re not having a conversation, you’re screaming.”

That only angers Singer more. “You, Miss Waterworks City, are telling me they’re not of interest to you?” she asks. “This is me, Bethenny. This is not about you. Why is it always about you?”

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Eventually Singer agrees to “keep my mouth shut.” But Frankel doesn’t think that will last for long.

“Ramona is always scared about being rejected,” Frankel tells the audience. “So she comes to you and cozies up. And if you don’t give her exactly the response she wants, then she becomes a bitch. Then she goes from being a bitch to kissing your ass. So it’s going nice, to bitch, to ass kissing. And you always know you’re going to get to another one of those phases. They’re no real Ramona.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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