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Project Runway: The PEOPLE StyleWatch Pick!

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Barbara Ntike/Lifetime Television

Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba may be two of Hollywood’s hottest mamas, but do they know what you want to wear? editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg does — and she’s picking a winning look from each episode of Project Runway:

And the StyleWatch winner is … Emilio!

Well, this was a doozy of an episode. The workroom may as well have had a revolving door with designers coming and going, models leaving and Heidi sneaking into the workroom to show Jay an up-close view of how her bra works. But what was the most shocking to me is how little these designers seemed to understand what gets worn on the red carpet! Hello, are you not reading after every award show? For shame, Jonathan and Mila! Minis are hot for the red carpet, but Jonathan’s dress ended up looking more like curtains after the fabric swap-out than it did with the brocade. With the gray, red and black swags, it was Scarlett O’Hara-gone-hipster. And Nina saying that Mila’s dress belonged on a Real Housewife of New Jersey was clearly meant more as an insult rather than as a shout out to the stars of the reality show. As for Jay, he’s hardly the first designer to put ruffles around the bottom of a dress — remember the ’80s? It was a cute, sassy dress, even if it better suited a 90210 star more than a mother of four.

Anthony! Welcome back, buddy. You can’t help but love the karma that brings someone back from elimination only to take the win. And there could not be a more lovable bundle of joy to deserve it. As for his dress, it reminded me a little too much of Two-Face to get behind it, but I’m going to trust Jessica Alba’s impeccable taste on this one. But my winner hands-down was Emilio. Holy cow, that dress could have been couture, it was so well fitted and finished. Elegant, sexy, a great color — that is a dress that would make my best dressed list after any red carpet. Emilio has been my favorite since the first episode, and he continues to delight and surprise with the breadth of his range. We’re down to five and I am on pins and needles to see who makes it to Bryant Park. In the meantime, Heidi, can I borrow Emilio’s gown? –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Tell us: Whose look did you love? Which one was the best for Heidi?Barbara Ntike/Lifetime Television