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October 30, 2009 12:00 AM

Talk about a blast from the past! On Thursday’s Project Runway, the six remaining designers came face to face with their winning designs — except for Logan, who has never won a challenge — and were asked to design a look they could pair with the outfit. Theoretically, it was an opportunity for everyone to shine, to revisit past glories and create something new and stunning. In reality, though, some of the designers produced ho-hum pieces while others seemed to rip each other off — or as Irina (sort-of) diplomatically noted, there was a lot of “resemblances” in the workroom.

Logan vs. Althea: Logan decided he needed to amp things up this week, so the designer bought 50 zippers from Mood which he decided to incorporate into his garment. His concept? Create a collar made out of said zippers — only the idea wasn’t so fresh. As Althea pointed out, she designed something pretty similar for the Christina Aguilera challenge. Oblivious to Althea’s ire — since she never actually confronted him — Logan kept sewing, while Althea and Irina gossiped over lunch. “I hate Logan,” Althea sniveled. “I’m really bitter right now!”

Irina vs. Althea: But Irina wasn’t exactly the confidante that Althea was expecting. When she saw that the blonde designer was making an oversized sweater to pair with her pants, Irina also cried “copycat!” Only she did it a little more publicly — as in on the runway in front of the judges (which included Kerry Washington and Project Runway alum Nick Verreos, while Michael Kors was absent once again). Irina wondered aloud how Althea couldn’t notice the similarities between their clothes with only six designers working? Althea, meanwhile, said the sweater was just part of her original sketch. And the judges didn’t seem to care either way. If anything, they were Team Althea, awarding her the win.

Logan vs. Gordana: In the bottom this week: Christopher, Logan and Gordana. It seemed like it was finally Christopher’s week to go after creating a hefty, layered gown that caused Irina to wonder, “Why is one dress throwing up the other?” But he was spared once again — and Gordana, who made a drab jacket and skirt combo, faced off against Logan’s costume-y, Judy Jetson outfit which Nina Garcia called an “indulgent fashion student project.” Ultimately, Logan was bounced, leaving Christopher as the only male left in the competition facing off against a strong — if not exactly friendly — female contingent. –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Did the judges make the right call? Who will make it to the Top 3? And do you think Irina should have called out Althea on the runway like she did?

Mike Yarish/Lifetime(2)

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