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Project Runway Recap: a Tall Order

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Richard McLaren/Lifetime

What was up with last night’s episode of Project Runway? A lot, in fact! Designers, who saw Heidi Klum hit the runway in stilts, were challenged to create an eye-catching look for a stilt walker – while working in teams of two. An added twist? The runway show would be outside and live, in front of New Yorkers, the media and Kim Kardashian.

Heidi chose the dreaded twosomes from her button bag, pairing Bert and Viktor, Anthony Ryan and Laura, Josh and Julie, Danielle and Cecilia, Anya and Olivier, Kimberly and Becky and Bryce (right) and Fallene (left). “There’s a big bulls eye on the two of us,” Bryce lamented, as everyone grew jealous of the Anya/Olivier super-team.

Designers took their first trip to Mood, spending $500 on fabrics for their sky-high models. And that’s when the drama began.

Bert and Viktor, going for a regally inspired dress, tussled over fabrics after Bert pulled a floral print that came across a bit dowdy. Meanwhile, Julie started driving Josh crazy with her talk of kimonos and matador-themed pieces.

In the workroom, things between Bert and Viktor became so heated that Viktor eventually stormed out, calling his partner “Bertzilla.” Meanwhile, Josh and Julie found their groove, as Becky and Kimberly seemed to work well together, each making a super-structured piece.

Anthony Ryan and Laura scrapped a hoop skirt idea for time – designers only had the day to make their garments – and Danielle and Cecilia, working with chiffon, butted heads over sewing skills. Meanwhile, Anya and Olivier struggled with their garment, a vest that majorly lacked oomph. And Bryce and Fallene had a falling out when the top she designed was cut incorrectly.

On the runway, Josh and Julie presented a matador-inspired look with a little too much red, shiny material in the bodice. Bryce and Fallene sent out an unfinished look, pairing their dramatic tulle skirt with a simple black tank top. And Bert and Viktor presented a corset and skirt combination that was just mismatched.

The judges deemed Anya and Olivier’s garment, which was inoffensive but boring, safe, and declared Anthony Ryan and Laura, Kimberly and Becky and Danielle and Cecilia as the top three. Anthony Ryan and Laura ended up winning for their dreamy red design, a dress with leaf-covered shoulders that was cinched in the middle by a simple red belt. Kimberly and Becky earned props for their perfectly tailored pants and jacket, and Danielle and Cecilia, applauded for working with notoriously tricky chiffon, also earned praise for their turquoise and tan blouse-and-pants combo.

Meanwhile, Bert and Viktor, Fallene and Bryce and Josh and Julie fell into the bottom three. Michael Kors called Bert and Viktor’s garment “the wallpaper and curtains at a really tacky catering hall,” and told Josh and Julie their too-dramatic look was “tacky” and like a “Halloween costume.” Ultimately, though, Bryce and Fallene received the most criticism for their Black Swan look gone bad, and Fallene, who’d faced the judges in the bottom three before, was sent home.