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Project Runway Recap: Long Live the Drag Queens!

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Jay Sullivan/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo

The only drag about Wednesday’s fun and flamboyant episode of Project Runway was that somebody had to go home. Well, and there were drag queens.

Season 4 finalist Chris March made a return to the runway — in a Viking getup complete with a helmet, gigantic disco ball bust and a blonde, pony-tailed wig — to introduce this week’s fabulous challenge: creating a look fit for a drag queen. The designers were asked to carefully consider two major factors, their clients’ bodies and their well-defined personas. Like most of the designers, Heidi Klum got giggly while introducing the ladies to the contestants, who picked which drag queen they wished to work with.

Only Joe and Korto seemed a little uncomfortable by the challenge. But wouldn’t you know, those two ended up showing the judges’ favorite looks.

On the other hand, Terri couldn’t contain her excitement for the challenge — apparently, she loves drag queens. Suede channeled his client Hedda Lettuce‘s verdant aesthetic perfectly, creating elbow-length gloves with green embellishments. Unfortunately, when Ms. Lettuce saw the outfit, she seemed a little peeved and accused the designer of being “lazy” by not creating a long-sleeved garment. Suede was not amused, and Suede let us know just how Suede felt! As Blayne might say: “Dramalicious!”

Thankfully, Tim Gunn arrived for his consultations and told Suede to stand up for himself in no uncertain terms. (The phrase “listen here sister” might have been used.) Tim also warned Daniel that his ruffled dress was not over-the-top enough and told Blayne his neon creation looked like a “pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park.” Blayne took this as high-praise, by the way, which seemed to confirm Stella‘s theory earlier in the episode that he’s sweet but “doesn’t know anything.”

Then it was onto the runway, where the drag queens did their thing — ushering in a parade of glitter and glitz unlike anything so far this season. Guest judge RuPaul lent some authenticity — and some sass — to the panel while naming Joe a winner for his skin-tight pink, nautical-themed cat suit that perfectly hid his model’s “candy.”

In the bottom: Keith and a defensive Daniel, who argued the judges’ claim that his look wasn’t flamboyant enough — despite being made of electric tie-dyed fabric. So, Daniel, who looked like he knew he was a goner, was sent home with a quiet farewell. — Brian Orloff

Check back later for our exit interview with Daniel. Rate this season’s best looks.

Tell us: How fab were those drag queens? Who had the best look? And did Daniel deserve to go?Jay Sullivan/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo