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October 02, 2009 12:00 AM

A challenge involving color loomed before the 10 remaining designers this week — but what color would it be? Nothing so bold, it turned out. The contestants were told to create two looks using blue fabrics that could be sold in Macy’s Inc. line. The designers were to work in pairs — and the winner of the challenge would be commissioned to design a holiday dress for the department store.

Things Get Sketchy: First, though, they had to sketch their two ideas and pitch them to Macy’s executive Martine Reardon, who would be a guest judge for the challenge. Reardon smiled through every pitch but ultimately selected five designers who would be named team captain with the power to select their design partner. The teams were (with team captain listed first): Irina and Gordana; Althea and Logan; Carol Hannah and Shirin; Christopher and Epperson; and Louise and Nicolas.

Clash of the Designers: Team challenges always bring contrasting points of view — but there wasn’t much drama in the workroom this time. In fact, Christopher and Epperson couldn’t stop praising each other, and Christopher even called them a “dream team.” Nicolas wasn’t a fan of Louise’s ruffled designs, but he had immunity, so the designer tamped down his fiery personality and actually kept his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Irina was frustrated with Gordana’s subservience but Gordana claimed she didn’t get much direction from her team leader.

Results: Michael Kors returned this week, but Nina Garcia did not. He was joined on the judging panel by Reardon; Zanna Robers of Marie Claire and Heidi Klum, who ominously warned that “one or more designers” would be auf’d this week. In the top: Shirin and Carol Hannah and, surprise, Gordana and Irina. The judges loved the latter’s flowy maxidress and romantic blouse, and eventually named Irina the winner. They also praised Gordana’s work. In the bottom: “dream team” Christopher and Epperson — whose work was nightmarish to the judges — and Louise and Nicolas. The judges thought both teams produced antiquated looks. Kors let one of his trademark quips fly at Louise’s ruffled dress: “This truly looks like a bridesmaid’s dress with a shower loofah ruched up the front of it,” he said, and it was decided; Louise would be going home for her “bad, overworked bridesmaid’s dresses,” as Heidi put it.

Fake Suspense: But would Christopher, who was also singled out for his lack of vision, be going home too? The designer sure shed lots of tears on the runway as he sweated out the decision — then shed tears of joy when Heidi declared him “in.” Turns out only one designer was leaving this week. –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Did the judges make the right decision? Should Christopher have gone home too? Who are you rooting for?Lifetime TV

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