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Private Practive: Addison & Wyatt Lock Lips

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Michael Caulfield/WireImage

A slow first fifteen minutes gave no indication to the eventful evening Thursday’s Private Practice turned into. Addison (Kate Walsh) hesitantly told Naomi (Audra McDonald) she was back with Officer Kevin, but later kissed Wyatt. Naomi denied being jealous of Sam’s (Taye Diggs) new girlfriend and Violet (Amy Brenneman) continued to leap from bed to bed (Sheldon to Pete).

Was Violet was truly as comfortable with multiple men as she attested? We wondered. Cooper (Paul Adelstein) reassured her sex was not just good, but relationships were bad. And like any good psychiatrist, she agreed. While she straddled the line between liberated woman and … well, strumpet, Addison warmed up to the notion of rival doctor, Wyatt (Jay Harrington).

When the cherubic Gracie was brought to the clinic by her single dad Darren and 2-year-old brother Julian, we soon learned that not only do all three suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, but Gracie contracted a bacterial infection in her lungs which could be deadly — to her dad and brother as well if they came in contact with her.

To Addison’s shock, Wyatt had seen the same infection in some cancer patients and wanted to see if he could use his knowledge to help. Addison was flabbergasted, but not for long. The two worked closely together as they reviewed Gracie’s test in the lab. When Wyatt finally garnered the courage and asked Addison to “grab a bite” in the hospital cafeteria, she declined. But after mac and cheese is mentioned, she gave in. However, when the McDreamy-esque doctor asked her on a real date she quickly responded with a resolute no.

Quick question: Is it because it is Wyatt asking or is it because Kevin is still in the picture?

Meanwhile, Cooper followed Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) to the south to help her deal with the emotional baggage that piled up as her father (who was hooked up to life support) slowly withered away. When Charlotte was unable to pull the plug, Cooper took on the difficult task. The heartwarming moment came full circle on the plane ride home when the Charlotte finally broke down and sobbed in Cooper’s lap.

When Gracie’s test results came back, it appeared that a miracle procedure was not in the cards. Darren faced a choice: let his daughter die alone, or does he join her and leave his son (with cystic fibrosis) with no dad? In a devastating and harrowing moment, Darren handed his son to Addison and joined his dying daughter in the hospital room.

Following the failed attempt with Gracie, Addison broke off (once again) dinner plans with Wyatt. Things were bad at home with Kevin, and this time Wyatt questioned whether it was because of the unsuccessful treatment or because of him. But a few scenes later, Addison scurried back to Wyatt — and the new couple kissed. A lot. Finally.

But not all romances ended so blissfully. While Violet flirted with sexy Pete (Tim Daly), Sheldon awkwardly walked in and asked her to come over later. Probably not the best time. It became clear that a love triangle was at play, and a disgusted Pete exited stage right. Sheldon, however, was far more forgiving as he told Violet he “doesn’t mind finding out who you are.”

It looked like the real drama is set for next week — Marriage! Pregnancy! — so, set your TiVos. — Allison Gross

Tell us: Do you like Addison with Wyatt? Who should Violet be with?Michael Caulfield/WireImage