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January 09, 2009 12:00 AM

Looks like the secret’s out for Violet and Pete. Although they tried keeping their sexual relationship on the D-L, Cooper realized Violet was still getting some and wanted to know from whom. “I told you who it was and you didn’t believe me,” said Violet. After offering proof (a tattoo on Pete’s lower abdomen), Cooper had no more doubts except for the fact that he didn’t think Violet was capable of just having sex. “You’re a relationship junkie and Pete is the anti-relationship. Pete is the ruiner of relationships.”

More than just looking out for his best friend, Cooper was jealous of Violet’s sex-capades with Pete. He missed just having sex with Charlotte “before it got all messed up with emotions and feelings and betrayal, which is where the sex train ultimately leads.” Violet, however, reassured him that the having sex with Pete thing was just an “itch.” But that’s not quite how Pete saw it. When Addison questioned him about and Violet, he said it was no big deal. “The conversation is easy. The sex is good. We laugh a lot. We’re similar. We want the same thing.” And after thinking about it, he realized that the idea of having more than just sex wasn’t so ridiculous after all.

Violet, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced. She kept thinking about all the other co-workers Pete has dated in the past and his failed relationship with Meg. “I don’t know if I can change what I know about you, how I look at you,” she told Pete. “I love what we have but I don’t want it to be more.” –Alondra Hernandez

Tell us: What do you think about the Pete-Violet romance? And should it develop into something more than a fling?

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