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Private Practice Recap: Addison’s Past Resurfaces

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Addison’s hunky new boyfriend Kevin said it. As the two start making out in Addison’s kitchen (insert thigh grasping here), he told Addison he loved her. Addison said nothing. All she could do was look shocked. That was only the beginning.

The following morning when Daniel and his pregnant wife Laura stopped by Ocean Wellness to see Addison, they appeared to be the perfect loving couple. Addison discovered an abnormality in Laura’s ultrasound and her unborn child was eventually diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, a genetic disorder that can cause heart defects and is associated with cardiac, hormonal and facial abnormalities. Loving husband Daniel was so concerned that he returned for a second time that same day, only this time with his other wife Amy.

Turns out Daniel has a lot of love to give and both Laura and Amy are the lucky, unsuspecting recipients of that overwhelmingly abundant emotion. A livid Addison wanted to tell both women the truth, but Pete wouldn’t have it. “Don’t do it,” he kept repeating, otherwise he threatened to report Addison to the ADA. There’s no denying that pesky doctor/patient confidentially thing, but can you blame Addison for wanting to unmask a cheater and a liar? Addison got around the issue by devising a plan to get both women back into Ocean Wellness at the same time and purposely booked them in the same room leaving the women to talk. Eventually they discovered the truth and wanted nothing to do with their husband Daniel and instead, would rely on each other to get them through their pregnancies. Hardly a realistic scenario, but we’re guessing it’s score one for female empowerment.

That night, Addison shared her day with her hot new guy Kevin, but Kevin had to leave for some work-related business. From strong woman, Addison turned into paranoid girlfriend. She checked the call log on Kevin’s cell phone. There were five missed calls from Leslie whom Addison automatically assumed was someone else he was seeing behind her back. So Addison followed Kevin and found herself in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation when two cops road-blocked her for following Kevin’s SWAT truck. Addison was handcuffed and almost taken in until Kevin spotted her and came to her rescue. “You were spying on me,” Kevin said. “Why are you looking for reasons not to trust me?” Addison had no answer so Kevin walked.

Meanwhile, back at Ocean Wellness the new tenant renting out the space directly above the office were making quite the ruckus with all of their remodeling and construction. Violet was so annoyed with the noise that she took it upon herself to find out just who was responsible. To her surprise it was Charlotte, Cooper’s girlfriend who just so happened to be renting out the space so she can open up her own competing practice. Violet really wants to tell Cooper what his girlfriend Cruella is up to, in the end she cant seem to muster up the courage when she realizes just how content Cooper is now that his relationship with Charlotte is official. Official as in everyone found out about it.

After a few days with no sign of Kevin, he finally knocks on Addison’s door asking for an explanation– not for the spying, but her reaction (or lack thereof) when he said the three little words “I love you.” Addison came clean about her past and how she cheated on her ex-husband with his best friend and later got cheated on herself. “I couldn’t trust you, not because of you, because of me and I think I was scared because I like you. I like you a lot,” she tells Kevin. “You are honest and loyal and worthy of trust.” And with time, Addison revealed, she could love him. (Watch the clip.)

On a side note: Dell dropped somewhat of a bomb. He has a daughter whom he had at age 17, but who didn’t see that one coming? –Alondra Hernandez

Kelsey McNeal/ABC (2)