People Staff
December 18, 2008 12:00 AM

Things seemed great between Addison and Kevin as they laid together in bed, but tension caused by Carly the call girl started their downfall. Carly, Addison’s patient, was a med student who also worked as a prostitute in order to pay for school. But Kevin wasn’t happy about Addison treating prostitutes because of potential connections to drugs and crime. “You think just because they’re in school everyday doesn’t mean it’s going to lead down the same path,” he said.

Later, Addison wanted to surprise Kevin by sending her housekeeper to his place to tidy up, but Kevin took it the wrong way. “My house isn’t disgusting and pathetic. I live in the valley, not the slums,” he said. As they argued, Addison got a call from Carly who’d been beaten by a client. Afraid for Addison’s safety, Kevin refused to let her go, which only made things worse.

When Addison came home, she saw Kevin sitting by the stairs with his things packed. She thought the argument was about her patient, but to Kevin, it was much more. “It just made me realize how you see the world and the world that I live in isn’t always about beaches and 1,000-count sheets and hired help to make everything look pretty,” he said. It seems Addison’s need for control pushed Kevin away.

Tell us: Is it really over between Kevin and Addison?

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