Natalie Stone
October 28, 2016 03:45 PM

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan may be the stars of Outlander, but it’s the animals that steal the show in the series’ season 2 bloopers!

In the hilarious Entertainment Tonight blooper video, which is from season 2’s DVD and Blu-ray set, the animals — including horses, a donkey, a dog and a monkey — offer delightful entertainment to viewers.

While Balfe and Heughan are sitting on horses during one of their scenes, microphones pick up audio of both animals passing some gas. In an effort to not laugh, the costars look up at the sky and turn their gaze downward to avoid breaking character.

Later in the clip, as Balfe lays in bed and gestures to her dog to join her, the canine makes it halfway to the bed before it stops in its tracks, causing the actress to giggle as she stares into the moonlit sky.

And what is an animal blooper reel without a monkey?! Though Heughan and Balfe try to maintain a straight face while filming next to a fire at the end of the clip, the actress can’t help but chuckle when she has to deliver the line, “Is this bite from a monkey?”

Hopefully this blooper reel will get you through “Droughtlander” until the Starz series returns for season 3!

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