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August 26, 2009 12:00 AM

Luke went on dates with his sexy six to determine who should continue in the race for his heart on Tuesday’s More To Love.

Love Triangle: At a salsa lesson, Mandy thought she’d be able to dance circles around Kristian, who “didn’t want to jiggle around the dance floor like two pigs fighting under a blanket.” But Kristian ended up impressing Luke with her effort and earned some alone time. Mandy (who later divulged her eating disorder secret) walked in on the pair kissing and locked herself in the restroom to cry. Luke talked her out, and they spent their solo session talking about how she was “shutting down” and “not feeling special.”

Flyover Date: Malissa scored a helicopter ride to a winery, where she and Luke went for a walk and made out between the vines. Then, an ill-fated tandem bike ride ended when “the fat kid broke the bike,” as Luke put it. But she bragged to the others about “the best date of her life,” which Anna said was like putting “a knife in the heart.” It made her realize that she was falling in love. Kristian doubted her sincerity despite having similar feelings. In the spa, she worried that he would only see her as a friend despite her already being in love. Her strong declarations made Heather nervous. “I feel behind when I see you guys in love,” she said. “I’m not feeling that yet.”

Unfun in the Sun: Anna, Heather and Tali were not happy to hear about another date that required a swimsuit but Luke came to the rescue of the women’s self-esteem by cracking jokes at his expense. Tali scored points — and a smooch — by opening up. Even though Anna hesitated awkwardly when he asked if she believed he could be the one, he used words like “natural” and “fireworks” to describe their relationship. Heather couldn’t get over her jealousy and continued to pout during the mixer. But on her way out, she said, “Even though I’m crying I have never felt this good or confident in my entire life. It made me realize who I am despite what size I am. He taught me that.”

Stalk You Later: Kristian worked herself into a nauseous knot analyzing his body language around the others and decided to tell Luke she loved him in three languages. He was flattered but her intensity was too much for him. She lingered in the kickoff cuddle and prayed he’d find true love, but left brokenhearted and bawled loudly. Ever the gentleman, he ran after her and said, “I want what’s best for you but I don’t think that’s me.” They agreed to disagree. “I feel like a fool,” she said. “I’ve never opened up like that. I got my heart broken.” –Carrie Bell

Michael Caulfield/WireImage

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