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September 02, 2009 12:00 AM

Each of the remaining women was surprised with a solo date and a family visit on Tuesday’s episode of More To Love.

Crash Course: After go-cart racing with Luke, Tali‘s aunt and uncle joined the duo for burgers and a reality check about her family. Her uncle warned that her traditional Israeli family may not accept him and that in his experience, he never feel like a good enough husband. The warnings certainly gave Luke pause and Tali worried that it would be an issue they couldn’t overcome. It was a somber door drop-off with a very quick kiss.

Cruising for a Bruising: While getting ready for her date, Mandy lost it when Malissa asked about her relationship with Luke. She accused Malissa of “f—ing with her.” And whether she was attempting to get in her head or not, she smiled like the Cheshire Cat when Mandy started crying, had to redo her makeup and labeled herself an emotional wreck. But the stress melted away when she bear-hugged Luke and saw her parents waiting on a tiki boat. All was going well until Mandy’s mom called her “crazy” and failed to elaborate when Luke asked.

Bowled Over: While bowling with Anna, Luke knew they’d fun together but wondered if their connection would grow deeper. They took plenty of timeouts for hugs and pecks and he blamed her “cute” antics for his loss. Her parents ambushed them at the shoe return and wasted no time before asking tough questions like what qualities Luke was looking for in a partner (a career woman with her own mind interested in children and commitment) and if he’d be able to handle the time away that her modeling career might require.

Mother Material? Malissa’s dinner date started with Luke probing to see where she stood. “You make me happy,” she said giggling. “We make a good-looking couple.” He tricked her with a blind wine tasting in order to sneak her sisters to the table. Her punk sibling with tats and drawn-on eyebrows grilled him about whether he’d ever cheated. They explained that Malissa was more a mother than an older sister as their mom passed away when they were young, but one revealed that she couldn’t imagine Malissa as a mom because she’d never babysat her nephew.

In the end, Luke let go of Anna, feeling she wasn’t ready to settle down and that they were better as friends. She cried, “He made me feel comfortable in my body. I’m invested in Luke and he’s not invested in me,” but ultimately hoped he’d find happiness. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Should he have kept Anna? Who should have gone home instead?Patrick Wymore/FOX

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